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5 Quick and Easy Travel Tips

Traveling is one of life's greatest adventures. I love to travel and dream of getting to know this big wonderful world of ours. Although I must admit to not being the world travel I dreamed of being as a child. I have done my fair share of domestic travel, and planning to do much more in the coming years. There is something magical about traveling, visiting new and unknown destinations that excites me. In the last couple years, my travels have expanded and so has my knowledge of traveling. I am no travel expert or guru by any means, but have learned a few tips and tricks along the way. I have a trip coming up soon with my girlfriends to Boston. This trip will mark the second time I take a girls weekend trip, having gone to NYC 2 yrs ago with the same group. For some reason I did not document or blog about my NYC trip (which was amazing!) except for posting pics on instagram. This time around, I want to make sure and include more of my travel adventures on the blog and of course lots of fun pics on instagram, make sure you follow me @CidStyleFile so see my adventures.

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Me and the girls on top of the Rockefeller Center Observation Deck

Being a world traveler means knowing how to pack and travel light. Packing light a concept that has taken me awhile to grasp, not yet mastering but improving with each trip. I found packing light essential on my trip to NYC, which I did not do! It was my first time in New York City and I wanted to be chic and stylish. Of course I over packed and took way too many clothes and shoes, as expected only half of my clothing was used, the other half never saw the light of day in NYC. It was my introduction NYC and the "fashionista" in me wanted to impress and look stylish. The entire extra "just in case" items I packed were a waste of space. Being the first time in NYC for all of us, we wanted to see and do it all in the short time we had. There was no time to be cute with multiple outfit changes for different attractions and occasions. It was cold in NYC and this California girl was not use to the weather, plus I was a tourist so really no one cared! The lesson learned is when traveling, no one really cares who you are or what you wear so no need for all those extra “what if” items in your luggage.

This time around for Boston I plan to be more prepared and travel light making the most of my wardrobe. For the sake of time we are planning to only take carry-on luggage, which means limited space.

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Here are five quick and easy tips I have learned from my past travels and reading other blogs about travel.

1. Plan your outfits: The best way to avoid over packing and carry unnecessary items is to plan your outfit. Plan each day’s activities (if possible) of your trip which will help you plan what to wear. Will you be sighting seeing, will you be going out to dinner, bar or club or will you be doing outdoor activities that require special items? Knowing where you will go on your trip will help avoid carrying too many unnecessary items. No need to pack that evening gown if you don’t plan to attend a party, fancy dinner or play. Also learn the roll method of packing to maximize your space in your luggage. 

2. Make a list: Some people love making list, while others like me are not list makers. I have to admit making a list is very help and convenient to make sure you don’t forget anything. If you just don’t have the time or know how of making a packing list for traveling, don’t worry! Plenty of awesome travel bloggers have done the work for you creating packing list for efficient and light traveling. Just Google packing list and plenty will come up. One my fave travel bloggers is Travel Fashion Girl, she has many packing list available for different types of trips. Go check her out, and you will have one less thing to worry about, just follow her packing list. I got to meet Alex from Travel Fashion Girl about a year ago; she’s very nice and sweet, as well as a very experienced traveler. I am going to use her minimalist packing list for my trip to Boston. 

3. Wear the right shoes: Nothing ruins a trip more than wearing the wrong type of shoes. I know as women who love fashion we want to complement our outfit with the most stylish shoes. Sadly those fab, stylish shoes are not always the most comfortable. Most likely you will be doing lots of walking on your trip, having the right shoe is essential. Comfort and function in your shoes, and knowing the weather will also help you select the right pair for your trip. As warm and cozy as my UGGS are, they were not the right shoe for my trip to NYC. We walked for many miles, and those UGGS did not have enough support, I came home with bruised feet. Make sure you do a little research and get the right type of shoe for your trip. 

4. Use a cross-body bag: The cross-body bag will be your best friend for traveling. Having your bag/purse strapped across your body is the most secure way to travel. Find a cross body bag that is big enough to carry all your essential items, but small enough to carry comfortably. A bag with a thicker strap is best; don’t want to encourage any muggers with a thin or flimsy strap across your shoulder. I actually prefer to use a men’s field bag as my purse for traveling, the strap is longer and sturdier on a men’s bag. Coach has a great selection of field bags that are sturdy, roomy and stylish, which makes a perfect travel bag. Check out the Coach outlet as well for great deals on cross body bags. 

5. Let go and enjoy!  The whole point of traveling is to enjoy and discover new places.  Sometimes all the planning in the world can still go wrong. Don't stress out our if your plans don't turn out perfect, let go and enjoy your trip.  Often times you may end up enjoying the unexpected more than what you had planned.  Nothing can ruin a trip more than a bad attitude, especially if traveling in a group.  I have learned to enjoy the journey no matter where it leads.  The whole point of traveling is to discover the world.  Take it all in and make the best of it no matter what may happen!  

I hope you enjoyed my 5 quick and easy travel tips.  More post to come about traveling and planning outfits.  Do you have any travel tips to share?  Leave me your best travel tip or advice in the comments.


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