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Knott's Goes Pink For The Cure: Raising Funds for Susan G. Komen

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I don't often discuss health or other serious issues here on the blog.  I try to keep it light and fun mainly blogging about fashion, makeup and other fun lifestyle things.  Today I want share about a serious topic and health matter, but tackling it in a fun way.  OK so Breast Cancer is not something I usually discuss and you may be thinking how the heck am I going to make it sound fun!  Yeah, this post has not been something easy for me to write about.  Breast Cancer is one of those illnesses that has affected us all in some way, we probably all know some who has it.  I personally have had a 2nd cousin die from breast cancer many years ago and a friend from high school as well a few years ago.  This is such a tragic and destructive type of cancer, but I have learned from a few woman that its about how you react and live with the cancer that makes a difference. 
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Enjoying a fun day at Knott's for the Cure, love the beautiful flowers.
One person I have met that is a great example of this is Jaime Jenkins, a blogger I met from Orange County.  Last year she announced on her blog she was diagnosed with breast cancer, she has been going through her struggle with a smile and positive attitude.  She's always had that smile and perky personality, since the day I met her a few years ago before her diagnosis.  Every time I see her she has a smile and a big hug for everyone.  That is very admirable in my eyes, having a positive attitude and smile regardless of what she may be going through.  So where does the fun come in?  The fun comes from celebrating life and enjoying a laugh with family and friends.  

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Jamie Jenkins with Snoopy (photo from OC Register)
For the second year Knott's Berry Farm has collaborated with the Susan G. Komen Foundation offering a special “Pink Ticket”, with a portion of proceeds benefiting Susan G. Komen Orange County. Also limited edition, specially designed “pink merchandise” is also available for sale at select locations in the park. These proceeds help fund breast health services and research and also help promote breast health awareness. You can participate from now until March 31, 2015.  What better way to show support, donate to a great cause and have a fun day with your family and friends.  Help Snoopy and the Peanuts gang beat their record from 2014, they raised almost $100,000 and hope to beat that in 2015. Here is what the money will go to and help women in need.
  • 75% of the funds raised for Susan G. Komen are used to provide local services throughout Orange County:
  • Breast cancer detection and treatment education
  • Information and support for breast cancer survivors and families
  • Funding for free mammograms for uninsured and underserved women
  • 25% of the funds raised for Susan G. Komen support national research to discover the cure for breast cancer.
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Jamie, bloggers and other survivors enjoying a ride on Jaguar at Knott's (photo: OC Register)
I was invited to the media day and heard Jamie and other breast cancer survivors tell their stories during a breakfast at Knott's.  After the breakfast all the ladies headed to the roller coast Jaguar and took a ride together.  It was very emotional and inspiring to see them on the roller coaster smiling, laughing and riding with their hands flying in the air.  What a beautiful sight it was to see them enjoy life with their family and friends.  

Friday, January 16, 2015

5 Ways To Have Fun While Improving Your Health

The opinions in this article are my own. I do not work for, or with, any brand mentioned in this article, nor do I have any official relationship with them.  I have a relationship with GigaSavvy, for whom I create original editorial content. 

Every year the when January rolls around what is the number one resolution most people make?  Usually it’s to lose weight and get healthy.   Although these 2 things seem to be the most logical and good for you resolutions, they can also be the most difficult to achieve.  We all want to be healthier and lose a few pounds, but how you do this is what matters.  When it comes to being and feeling healthy, I feel most people only rely on a numbers from the scale or the numbers on the doctors chart.  Being healthy is more than just your weight or vitals, being and feeling healthy is also mental and emotional.  How can you claim to be healthy if you are feeling unhappy, stressed and emotionally drained?   
I like to consider myself a healthy person, although some may disagree because of my weight.  Yes, I know losing some weight would be great for my health.   I agree too, but when all your focus goes to one thing such as weight loss, it can trigger other things like stress, anger and dissatisfaction with yourself.   Well I don’t know about you, but if I am stressed and feeling low about myself, I sure don’t feel healthy.  So why not change it up a bit and think differently about achieve the goal of being healthy this year.   You don’t have to set a crazy goal for yourself, which mostly like will fail with in just a few weeks.  In turn will only bring you back to either feeling stressed out, unhappy, anxious.  It’s time to kill that vicious cycle most of us have with our self at the beginning of each year.  This year the resolution is to be to have FUN while on the road to improving your health. Make it a bit challenging, but not so difficult to achieve.  Above all have FUN, and make it doable for yourself.  
Here are 5 ways to have FUN while improving your health, which may even result in losing a pound or two. It's never too late to get started on a healthier you so hope you enjoy my tips!
  1. Be Active:  This one it the most obvious, but I don’t mean to go join a gym or get on some crazy exercise routine you won’t be able to keep up with.  Remember the goal is to have FUN, find out what love and do it.  Ride a bike, take a dance class, go hiking or just go for long walks on the beach.   We all have that one thing we have wanted to try forever, this year go do it!  I personally want to take a dance class and ride a bike on the beach.   Being active can be fun and gets your endorphin flowing which can only lead to a better and healthier you.
  2. Eat Healthy:  Again this is obvious, we all should eat healthier and make better choices with our food.  We all know this is a tough one, so why not make it fun.  I personally am not the best cook and want to learn to cook healthier and tastier meals.  Why not take a cooking class with a friend, or better yet cook with a friend.   Have a healthy potluck party with friends and family to encourage and help each. Go try out new healthy restaurants and write a review about it on yelp.  Getting help is always a great way to stay on track, so have fun and it will make it easier for you to achieve this goal.  
  3. Have a “Me” day:  Nothing is better for your mind and spirt than taking care of you.   I am a firm believer in having a “Me” day.   Pick a day a week or each month to make it all about you and what you like.   I recommend doing this alone if possible, go out and do whatever you like that will make you happy.   Go see a movie, get that mani/pedi or get that massage you have been dying for.   Even if you just take the afternoon off to read that book you have putting off.  Just do it! Do something for you without worry or stress of anything else. Taking care of your self is an essential part of being healthy.   Its good for your mind body and soul
  4. Smile and Laugh:  This may sound silly, but studies have shown smiling and laugh is good for you!  Who doesn't like to laugh and feel good?  Don’t you feel better after watching a funny movie and laughed the entire time?  Or just getting a nice friendly smile from a stranger is good.  This one takes little effort to achieve, go ahead try it now smile and laugh.  I bet you already feel a little bit better about yourself.
  5. Give/Receive Hugs: Oh now you think I am crazy! A hug a day can keep the doctor away. OK I just made this up, but a hug can improve your mental health for sure. I know most people are not huggers, but it’s such a simple human act with great benefits. Try it today, give someone a hug, any one and see how you feel afterwards. I can bet it will make you smile and feel good. The more hugs you give and receive the better you will feel.

So these are my 5 ways to help improve your healthy this year and have fun doing it.  These ways may seem simple and silly even, but why not try them and see what happens.  Remember the goal is improve your healthy and have fun while you do it.  You have nothing to lose, so give it a try and tell me how it works out for you.    I am not a doctor or professional so these are just my opinions and thought about improving your health.   For more information go click over to Molina Healthcare and learn more from the real pros and docs on tips for staying healthy.  

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Welcome to 2015!

New Year, New Me! How many times have your heard or said these words! It's that time of year where we all want to begin with a fresh new slate and make some resolutions.  I personally am awful at keeping resolutions, and gave up years ago even trying.  Honestly every time I made a resolution, by the end of the month had been broken, it made me feel horrible about self. So what's the point of setting my self up to fail, when I knew that I would fail.  I'm not always the best at keeping promises to my self, but coming through for others I will not disappoint. So this year I want to try something different, by not setting unreasonable resolutions to my self. Instead I am setting goals that will help me grow spiritually, have a healthier lifestyle and challenge me.  You see 2015 is not only a new year but it's the year of a milestone birthday for me. 2015 brings me into a new age bracket, that just a few years seemed scary for me to say out loud.  I will admit to still not being 100% comfortable in saying I will be 40, so there I said it...this year I will turn 40 YEARS OLD!  Or as a friend said when she turned 40 just a few months, I'll be 20:20...doesn't t that sound much better...Hello 20:20!

young at heart, it's just a number, welcome 2015, the new 40

In 2015 I welcome turning 20:20 and will not cry over it.  I will embrace this new stage of life, and make it even better than the previous. I will smile when people say "you don't look like your 40!", because I sure don't feel like it! Not sure what 40 is suppose to look or feel like, but I will welcome 20:20 with open arms! I will proudly say my age, when asked and enjoy every second of this new generation.

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My goals for 2015 are not going to be the typical lose weight, get organized or save money.  Instead I want to set my goals to give my life purpose, be happy and just enjoy the moment. It's such a cliche, but I want 2015 to be about the little things in life that matter and make me happy. 

Here are my 10 goals for 2015:

1) smile and laugh more, it does make you feel happier
2) cook more, it will surely help with getting healthier and possibly lose weight! 
3) spend more time out doors and less time on the computer. Gasp! 
4) meditate more, it's helps clear my head
5) explore more, my neighborhood, my state, my country or the world. I'm open to it all! 
6) spend more time with friends doing brunch, I don't "do brunch" often enough.
7) listen to more audio-books, I'm not a great reader, but I do love a good audio-book
8) dance more, because it's fun! 
9) learn more, learn a new trade, new language or new skill
10) love more, in every way possible...I'm a sucker for love

2015 I'm ready for you!  I'm ready to make changes in life that really matter.  I'm ready to live for me and be happy with my choices and the person I have become.  I'm ready to be 100% me and love my self as I am!  

This post is part of collaboration with my #UntamedStyle sisters.  Check them out and read their post for this months series.  Have great New Year! :)

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