Wednesday, February 18, 2015

CSF Travels: Why I Left My Heart In Boston

Traveling is one of life's greatest pleasures, and we should all be doing way more of it. Don't you agree? I've always had dreams of traveling and exploring the world, getting lost in a country and learning from the locals.  I've done a bit of traveling in my time, but have much more to do.  In the past few years I've visited and fell in love with some of the greatest cities in the US. I've gone to the east coast, mid-west and of course explored more of my beloved west coast.  Every new city is an adventure and I appreciate the beauty of nature more and more with every single trip.  My latest trip was just a few months ago to Boston. My girlfriends and I have decided to do a "girls getaway" every 2 years.  The first was in 2012 to New York City, which for some reason I did not blog about.  NYC has always been on the must-see list of cities.  I really liked NYC and enjoyed all the energy the city has, the lights, the people and the buildings are all inspiring. It was all spectacular and more than I ever dreamed it would be. 

Boston is also on the must-see list, and it was the destination for our girls getaway in 2014. Boston thus far has been my favorite of all the cities. Boston took my heart away, it was more beautiful than I expected and I fell in love!  I had a wonderful time in Boston and can't wait to return, it's such a magical town with a great vibe, there is so much history, culture and amazing food!  I won't make this a long boring love letter to Boston, but I'll share with you my fave things in pictures.  I only spent 3 days in Boston, but that was enough for me to fall in love and become my favorite east coast city so far.  

Here are my favorites places and things about Boston:

Architecture/Buildings:  Boston is the where are founding fathers created the United States of America we now know and love.  The whole city is a history lesson with so many iconic and historical buildings. The city is full of old brick buildings, which feel like you are walking back in time.  It was all so beautiful and a great contrast with all the other modern buildings in the city. Boston is a great balance of the old and new world, the preservation of the old history along side a new modern city. Walking down the cobble stone narrow streets of Boston felt like I was in a movie.  The city has breathtaking views which can best be enjoyed strolling the streets of Boston. 

boston, mass, new england, old state house, faneuill hall, quincy market, trinity church,

FOOD!:  I don't blog about my love of food as much as I would like, but you will probably see more food related post coming soon.  The food in Boston was amazingly delicious, I ate the best seafood of my life. Boston is well known for its calm chowder and lobster.  Let me tell you the city did not disappoint me with its seafood offerings.  Every place we ate was fresh, very affordable and accessible.  It was easy to enjoy a cup of chowder or fresh lobster roll any where in town, as most local places served them.  Quincy Market is a must, for every foodie. It's a food hall with every type of food you can imagine and it's all delicious. Even the pubs like the famous Cheers, have great food and of course awesome pints of beer.  When in Boston you also have to make time to visit Mike's Pastry, home of the best cannoli, biscotti and cookies in town. It won't cost you a fortune to enjoy a good meal in Boston. 

calm chowder, lobster roll, mikes pastry, cannoli, seafood, quincy market, best places to eat

Getting Around:  This may sound like a weird thing to like about a city, but coming from one of the worlds largest cities with the worst traffic like LA, getting around town is important to me.  Boston has a really great transit system better known as the T, which is basically the subway/train system.  We mostly got around town via a trolley, which the city is full of Trolley companies catering to the tourist. You can hop on and off at various stops or land marks around town.  Its a great way to see the city and navigate with a guide giving you info of the city a long the way. You can easily take a bus, a cab, a trolley or a even party bus and horse drawn carriage any where in the city, best way around is to walk to soak it all in.  Boston is really a walkable city, especially if you follow the Freedom Trail.  Boston is much smaller than most major metropolitan cities like LA and NYC, with in a few city blocks you can see and do so much.  We even took a train to Salem and visited with our favorite historical witches.  It was so easy and affordable getting around Boston, we went every where we wanted and needed to with in minutes, even the ride to the airport was quick and painless. 

duck tour, trolley, the T, train, party bus, freedom trail, transportatin

These are just 3 of major things I loved about Boston, the list can go on for much longer.  I'll let you discover Boston on your own, which I highly recommend you do visit if you haven't already.  There is so much more of Boston I want to explore and will go back soon with my love, so he too can fall in love with the Boston. 

What's your favorite city you have visited? Please share in the comments so I can add it to my wanderlust list of places to travel.

Hope you enjoy my CSF travel post and will be doing more this year.  You can also follow me on Instagram and use the hashtag #csftrvls to see more of my Boston pics and other trips I have taken. 


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