Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Best Dollar Store Beauty Products To Buy

The New Year is a great time to renew our bodies, health and even beauty routines, but sometimes those things take some money.  I don’t know about you all but after the holidays my wallet is feeling a little lighter and thinner.   So many new things I want to try that claim to work wonders for my skin, hair and body, but those will have to wait.  As soon the tax refund check comes in you know I will be splurging on some fancy lotions and potions to beautify myself.  Until then, I still need to keep up with general hygiene and maintenance of my appearance.  You know as woman we need lots of things to keep us looking good.  I can’t go without certain items, but my pocket says otherwise.  What’s a girl to do!  

The 99 cent – Dollar Store to the rescue.  I have to admit for a while the snob in me didn't want to even consider buying any beauty related products at the dollar store.  Then my rational and budget savvy side took over.   The other day I made a stop at the local 99 cent only store to pick some other items and decided to glance at the beauty isle.   I was amazed and delighted with the offerings for a mere $1.00!  The usual suspect filled the shelves, those cheap imitation items that look similar to name brands, but right alongside those items were in fact the real name brand items we love.  Some items were disguised as the cheap stuff from china, but after carefully reading the label, I discovered the gold.  

Here are the best beauty products to buy at the 99 cent store. These items may not be available at all 99 cent stores, but these are the things I bought at my local store in Southern California.

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1) Suave Waterless Foam Shampoo (aka dry shampoo): Suave is not considered a luxe brand, but I have been using for years and love it.  It's already a budget item ranging from $2-$4 so why you find it for $1 makes that much better. From the reviews I've read it's suppose to be great for curls, double win for me! 

2) Just Clean Skin Make Up Remover Cleansing Clothes (wipes): This brand was not familiar to me, but I found out it's made and manufactured by Nice Pak.  Nice Pak is the original creator of the wet napkin famously found at KFC and other fast food places.  They are made in the USA, the cloths are thick and quite larger with just the right amount of moisture and pleasant scent.  You get 30 wipes for $1.00 which is amazing since I was used to buying other brands at $4 - $5 and only get 20 to 25 per pack.  These make up remover clothes are a great buy I am defiantly stocking up! 

3) Via Natural Moisturizing Oils for Hair, Scalp and Body: This is another brand I was not familiar with but after doing some research online, seems to be quite popular with natural hair bloggers. Via Natural oils are great for your hair and for only $1.00 I couldn't resist trying them out.  The cold winter months the have left me with an itchy and flaky scalp, yeah it's something I am proud to admit but it happens. I read online that Tea Tree oil is a great way to combat and cure itchy scalp. I bought it and been using for a week now, adding it to my shampoo and directly to my scalp.  They had other varieties of oils as well like olive oil and argon.  Going back to buy more and using for my hair and body.  

4) Crest and Colgate Toothpaste: Toothpaste is something we all need and buy, and have our faves. The Crest vs. Colgate debate reminds of Pepsi vs. Coke, most people love one brand over the other and are loyal to that brand.  So whether you love Crest or Colgate you can get various varieties of each for just $1.00 and not the little travel sizes, but full tubes.  Why spend more money on toothpaste when you get it all at the dollar store!!

5) Pure Silk Shave Cream: When I first started shaving my legs I only used soap.  As I got older and discovered shave cream for women, there was no turning back.  The 99 cent sort has Pure Silk shave cream in several scents and for differs skin types.  Average cost of Pure Silk at the drug store is about $3, I would also stock on this because the summer months call for beautiful smooth legs.

6) Secret Deodorant:  Secret is one of my fave deodorants, I have tried many other brands and always seem to go back to the classic.  Secret just seems to work best for me, the 99 cent store had the 1.7 oz in two scents baby power and shower fresh. 

Let's recap if you bought all these items at other stores you would probably be spending any where from $15 - $18 vs $6 (plus tax) the 99 cent store.   Now go quickly to your nearest 99 cent sore and stock up cuz you know these items are limited and will sell out.  Happy Bargain Shopping! 


  1. Argh my comment disappeared. Anyways, Said I always am searching for a great makeup remover one. I love my Ponds but it feels so greasy after. How was this one? (let me know!)

    1. @Melissa these are not greasy at all and really big so one wipe does the trick, some times those other wipes like ponds are smaller and feel like one is not quite enough to remove all my make up.

    2. I use these from time to time as well. Not irritating on the eyes either....they're good enough to pack into my makeup kit for beauty gigs. ;)

  2. p.s. great finds. :) I love the 99! I think you just inspired me to write a post about the 99. heehee. Thanks Veronica! xo

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