Friday, February 13, 2015

Get Your Gal Pals Together for #GalentinesDay

Happy Galentines Day!  What a great way to celebrate and show your love and appreciate for your gal pals, your chicas, your home girls and girl friends or friends in general.  If you never heard of "Galentines Day" then you don't know what you are missing out on. In season two of the sitcom Parks and Recreation, Leslie Knope played by Amy Poehler celebrates "Galentines Day" on February 13 the day before Valentines Day. Its basically a day you spend with your girl friends, and leave your husbands, boy friends or partners behind to celebrate your lady friends.  Sounds cool doesn't it!   

I use to do this with my lady friends back in college, we didn't call it "Galentines" but it was pretty much the same concept. Most of us were single and didn't have dates for Valentines, so one day we said "screw it" why do we have to feel bad or lonely on this one day.  Why can't we show our love for our friends, so we did!  My friends and I would get dolled up and go out for dinner and drinks and would buy little gifts and cards for each other.   Even when one of us got a boyfriend (which was not me) we still celebrated together, the boyfriend was included since he had become a friend before he was a boyfriend.   We found a way to not hate Valentines Day and feel sorry for our selves.  Why should we feel sad, when we have the love of our friends and we were all happy for each other no matter our relationship status.  

Galetine's is about loving, empowering and uplifting each other. As woman we need to do more self-love and love our fellow females. This year I am doing a virtual "Galentines Day" celebration with my blogger friends from the #UntamedStyle group.  I found my tribe of fabulous, fashion loving, feminist babes.  These are my Galentines this year, and I celebrate them with love, respect and admiration for the beautiful, smart and strong women they all are! 

Michelle from Glitter in the Dirt

Aarti from Curves Becomes Her

Margot from Margot Meanie

Vanessa from Sweet Leigh

Zadry from Curves a la Mode

Here are my top ways to celebrate "Galetines Day" with your bestest gals.

1) Mani/Pedi Time: Go get manis and pedis with your girl friends and pick out nail polish for each other.

2) Wine Tasting: Go wine tasting, cuz who doesn't love wine. You can make it even more fun by playing a game.  Every time any one of the girls mentions their husband/boyfriends make the chug a glass of wine. Who knows this may work or not, but won't it be fun to try?

3) Bowling Party: Another fun activity is to go bowling, give each other funny names and create teams, see what team wins. The winning team will have to buy the other team dinner or drinks.  

4) Brunch:  My friends and I would often make brunch for each other, which always included omelettes and blueberry pancakes. Yum, what better way to show you Luv your gals than make them brunch! 

5) Shopping!:  My personal favorite thing to do with my girls. Go shopping for outfits to wear on your "Galentines Date".   Try clothes on and help each other pick outfits, but be honest if your friends outfit looks crappy, tell her.  Don't you want your friends to look hot!

Do  you celebrate "Galentine's Day"?  Leave me a comment and tell me what awesome things you do with your gals! 

Make sure you go check out my gal pals "Galentine's" post as well.  It's all about ladies celebrating ladies, today I celebrate the #UntamedStyle ladies!  


  1. Happy GALentine's Day Vero! Great post! And I am loooving those ecards. Plus great tips on what to do when hanging out with your chicas today.

  2. Happy Galentines Day LOVE! I wish I could do all of these things with you! XOXOX

  3. Happy Galentines day! I'd never heard of this before, as in Mexico the 14th is the day of love AND friendship... not just couples love. Anyhow, wine and tapas sounds to me as a perfect way to celebrate and cherish my girlfriends :)

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