Monday, March 9, 2015

My Favorite Moments From #WeAllGrow Summit

Motivation and inspiration can come from different sources, sometimes it's a quote, a song, a picture or a person. My inspiration comes from various people, especially when it comes to blogging.  Last month I had the pleasure to attend and volunteer at the inaugural We All Grow Summit in Los Angeles by Latina Bloggers Connect. We All Grow is a blogging conference geared towards Latina women, but everyone is welcomed.  I've worked with Latina Bloggers Connect for a few years now on their blogging network. When I heard Ana Flores the founder was creating her own blogging conference, I knew it was a must to attend. 

To say I was inspired and motivated by the conference and all the women in attendance is an understatement.  I've attended a good number of conference in my 5 plus years of blogging, but We All Grow was by far the best in more ways than one.  I am sure there is going to be countless recaps, and post about the conference and mine is just a slice of what its all about.  I will share with you my favorite moments and experiences from the conference.  If you are Latina blogger or just a woman blogger I highly recommend you attend We All Grow next year, you will not not be disappointed!  

Here are my favorite moments and memories from We All Grow Summit.  Hope to see you there next year!!

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photo source: Natalia - Comiendo en LA

Reunite with friends: Monique from Curves and Chaos is one of the first bloggers I met in real life.  When I first started blogging 6 years ago, I felt like I was the only plus size Latina in LA doing this, then I found Momo (that's what I call her) on Twitter.  We began to chat on Twitter and follow each other's blogs.  One day we finally met in person at an event.  I knew we connected and would be blogging buddies forever! Even though we both live in So. California, we don't always get to see each other or hang out. Every time we do see each other its like a blogger reunion. 

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photo source: Robson Muzel #WeAllGrow Summit 2015

Make New Friends: Every time I attend an event or blogging conference I meet some pretty amazing women.  This time was no different, I met 2 new ladies who are aspiring bloggers.  They came to the conference to learn and get inspired to start their own blogs. I love meeting new people and being able to help them out in any way I can. Brenda and Dayana are new and fresh to blogging,  I am excited to see them grow, evolve and hope to be able to help them along the way!

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photo source: Robson Muzel #WeAllGrow Summit 2015

Being Pampered:  OK let's be honest who doesn't like to be pampered, spoiled and treated like a VIP! That's how I felt at We All Grow, with all the fabulous treatment we received from the sponsors, like Neutrogena, Dove, Crest and Andrea Shoes. The manicures, massages, facials, hair and makeup. It's was all so fabulous and the products samples were also freaking awesome. I ain't gonna lie I love freebies!

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photo source: Natalia - Comiendo en LA

Volunteering: I attended We All Grow as a volunteer and worked for my pass.  It was great way to get an insiders view of the conference and be apart of it.  I was a session lead for various panels. I had to make sure all the speakers were there and ready to speak!  Making sure the panel started on time and everything went smoothly.  Keep time and assist the speakers in any way possible.  Also making sure to share and amplify the panels on social media.  It sounds easy, but let me tell you it can be challenging! During one the panels the projector went out and the speakers had no slides to go with their presentation.  I went into techie mode and tried to fix the problem.  I did managed to get the projector started again, only for it to go out again!  For a second I was the hero of the panel, ultimately the ladies speaking did a great job and managed to finish the presentation without the projector.

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photo source: Robson Muzel #WeAllGrow Summit 2015

The Stories:  We All Grow Summit culminated with Story Tellers.  Six bloggers were chosen to share their stories at the end of conference.  Each women stood on a stage and poured out her heart and soul.  Their stores made us cry, laugh and cheer, ending with a standing ovation for them all. It was all heart warming and exciting to see that we all came together because of blogging.  You can't deny the power of social media and blogging and how it has empowered many women to change their lives.  

There is such much more I would like to share about We All Grow Summit.  It was 3 days filled with field trips around LA, delicious food, laughing, crying and many hugs between new and old friends. I learned new things and was reassured of others, building my confidence as Latina and inspiring me to grow as a blogger. This is just a sample of my experience and hope you get a sense of how wonderful this conference is for any blogger to attend.  I want to thank Ana Flores for allowing me to volunteer and all the #WAG staff for making this a very memorable experience. 


  1. Thanks for a wonderful recap! I was so thrilled you joined us as a volunteer and you got to experience a bit of it all.

  2. Such a good idea regarding volunteering for a conference! Looks like a great event, and like you had such a great time! So awesome!

  3. This sounds so amazing. It's wonderful to find a group of women that can inspire and nurture one another. I would definitely love to attend next year.

  4. This sounds so amazing. It's wonderful to find a group of women that can inspire and nurture one another. I would definitely love to attend next year.

  5. How awesome! One day I would love to go to a conference in LA! It is just so far and the hotel... The expense is just so much for me coming from Austin, TX. I love so many bloggers from so many areas of the country & I learn so much from so many bloggers. I know one day I will meet all and it will be like meeting long time friends... at least it will be for me! Lots of love, Lisa


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