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#UntamedStyle: My Ideal Girl Gang

March is Women's History Month, the ladies of #UntamedStyle decided to write about Girl Gangs.  Not like Cholas from East LA or gangster girls form South Central type of girl gang. I've lived in both of these neighborhoods in LA and have seen these type of girl gangs first hand. These girls are tough and you don't want to mess with them!  No the girl gang I'm talking about is the group of women you surround yourself with, the girls who are there for you no matter what. The girls who have your back and will hold your hair when you puke, the girls who console you after a break up and the girls who make you laugh and cry. 

Almost all women have their own little girl gang, a special group of female friends who are your besties and enhance your lives. I've been fortunate to have a girl gang growing up since elementary. My little girl gang has changed a few members through out the years, but it's good to know that there is always a friend when I need one.  Women always need other women to empower, encourage and build each other up. Sadly in the media we see the opposite, women hurting, hating and tearing each other down.  As I have gotten older my girl gang has gotten smaller, and we don't spend as much time, if any with each other. This doesn't mean we are not there for each other. If any one of us needs help from one another, we will all be there to help in a heart beat! 

Today I want to create my ideal girl gang, from famous women who I admire and respect.  These women have inspired and motivated me through out my life and in my head would be awesome friends. This is my girl gang! 

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Every girl gang needs a leader, a strong women who can lead the group with out being bossy.  My ideal leader from my girl gang would be Oprah Winfrey.  Oprah is a leader, she is smart, wise and tough.  She can be kind, caring and warm, but will kick butt when she needs to.  Oprah would be the friend you go to for advice, who tell you the truth whether it be good or bad. Oprah would be the mother figure we all need in a friend. 

A girl gang also needs one women to be the enforcer, that one tough girl who can kick ass and be the protector of the group. We all have that one friend who would beat up someone for you, who will tell off a dude who mistreats you and who would kick your ass if you mess up as well. In my girl gang that would Frida Kahlo. She was a no fuss type of women, who was a lover and fighter.  She seemed to be a protector of her friends and family. Frida would be the friend who takes a blow for you, but would also slap you around when needed, all done out of love! Sometimes we need tough love and Frida seems like she would have no problem being the enforcer and protector of the group. 

Another friend each girl gang needs is the cheerleader, the one girl who is always on your side.  In my ideal girl gang that would be Drew Barrymore, she's that one friend who is always optimistic and encouraging. Drew is fun and quirky, she would be the friend who would make you smile when your sad and give you a hug when your hurting. Drew is the friend who's up for adventure and will convince to do anything.  In my head Drew and I are BFF's and I have the picture to prove it

The last girl in my gang would be Mindy Kaling, the little sister of the group.  All girl gangs have that one younger friend who is the funny, silly and even clumsy.  In my ideal girl gang, Mindy would be that girl. She's funny, and can be silly and sometimes get her self into trouble.  Mindy would be the friend who the whole gang would want to help and save from making mistakes. She can make you mad at times, but with her wit and humor can always make you forgive and forget.  

Lastly there would be me, the peacemaker.  I have always been that one friend who is neutral in the group. I am not aggressive nor too passive. I am the friend who resolves the issues in the group.  I am the listener when my girls need to talk or cry.  I am the friend who brings us all together after a fight among the gang. I bring peace, love and friendship to the gang.

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Do you have your own girl gang?  Who would be in your ideal girl gang?

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  1. Oh any girl gang that can mix Frida and Mindy is beyond awesome!

  2. Mindy, Drew and Frida Gah Yes! <3

  3. Drew and Mindy! YEEEESSSSS! Two women who I imagine would totally be BFFs with me if we ever met.


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