Thursday, April 9, 2015

Week 1: #30for30Beauty Challenge on Instagram

I did it!  I made it through my first week (7 days) of #30for30Beauty Challenge on Instagram.  Have you been keeping up?  I hope you have, so you can keep me motivated to see it all the way through until the 30th day!

So if you haven't been on Instagram, (which you should be following me here).  I'll give you a quick recap of my mini beauty reviews from Instagram.

Day 1: Vaseline Rosy Lips

vaseline. rosy lips, lip therapy, cid style file, beauty reviews, instagram

There is nothing worse than having dry/cracked lips. It's a major pet peeve of mine. In winter time my lips get very dry and I hate the way they feel and look. I've tried many lip balms and remedies with not much success. I discovered this cute little tub of Vaseline rosy lip therapy. It has really helped the texture of my lips and keeping them soft and moisturized. It has subtle rose scent and pink color. Leaves a light pinkish color on your lips, but it's not too shiny or greasy. Only con of this lip therapy is it doesn't have SPF protection, but other wise it's been a life saver for my lips! Would be nice to have a applicator and not use my fingers but it's not a big deal for me. I've noticed a difference when I apply lipstick too, it goes on much smoother. I like that I can wear it alone and gives my lips a sheen, some light color for when I don't want to wear lipstick or gloss. Bought it at @Target for only $1.99. What's your go to lip saver for dry lips?

Day 2: Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick in #Bing

smashbox, bing, cherry, lipstick, #bingtobasel, donald robertson, makeupshow, los angeles, red lips

This lipstick is a collab with Artist and Illustrator @drawbertson who created the jackets for some of the classic colors, like this red. I am not one to run out and get the latest makeup when there is a collab, but this one is pretty good. I got it free to review from @themakeupshow and its my 1st #Smashbox lipstick. I like the creaminess and consistency, although for me it took a few coats to really get the rich red color. One swipe was not enough to really cover my lips. The case and jacket are really cute and a great shade of red. Every woman needs a few red lipsticks, right? One just isn't enough! I do like some of the other colors in this collection and plan on going to get at least one more. I am excited to buy more @smashboxcosmetics since I got my pro discount @TheMakeupShow. Have you tried any of the #BingToBasel lipsticks from this collection?

Day 3: FlowerBeauty Eyeliner

flower beauty, cosmetics, drew barrymore, eyeliner, aubergine, lucky fabb, cid style file

Easy On The Eyes Long Wear Eyeliner in #Aubergine. I 1st heard @drewbarrymore talk about her new cosmetics line at #LuckyFABB conf 2 yrs ago. She specifically mentioned this eyeliner color as her fave. Obviously I had to try it. I am not a fan of eyeliner since I don't know how to put it on and black seems to harsh on me for everyday wear. This eyeliner is a dark purple hue like eggplant color with a slight sheen but not too shiny. The consistency is creamy but not too soft, for me it's easy to apply. It's long wearing and doesn't rub off easily. I like the applicator, it has a built in sharpener too at the bottom of tube you can easy take it out and make the eyeliner pointy sharp! It's become my fave eyeliner and use often as an alternative to black or brown. Wore it in my pic from day 2 if you want to see what it looks like. Available only @Walmart for $5.98 it's a great deal!

Day 4: Neutrogena Eyeshadow + Primer

neutrogena, eyeshadow, primer, makeup, eyes, purple shadows,

Neutrogena Nourishing Long Wear Eyeshadow + Primer, isn't this a genius idea! I didn't even realize you should wear primer under your eyeshadow. Which explains why my lids would eat up the shadow and by the end of they it looked like I had no color on. I have deep set eyes so my shadow doesn't seem to be as noticeable when I wear it and doesn't last. This eyeshadow has the primer in it and makes it easy to apply with a quick guide on back of package. The quad palette has complimentary colors for lid, brow bone, crease and lash line. The colors are subtle and not heavily pigmented, but I like this for every day use. So far the shadow seems to work and last all day on my eye lids. It's quick, easy and cuts out having to use primer, great for us lazy girls! Only con about this palette is the little cheap applicators it comes with. You definitely need to use eyeshadow brushes for better application like I did. (Brushes picture not included) This palette was gifted to me at #WeAllGrow conference Neutrogena Beauty Suite #gotitfree

Day 5: Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel

neutrogena, hydro boost, water gel, skincare, beauty, hyaluronic acid,

Neutrogena Hydro Boost water gel, it caught my curiosity. It's a gel moisturizer with hyaluronic acid...huh? Exactly what I said, until I tried it on my face. My skin said AHHHH, the gel feels cool on the skin and absorbs quite quickly with no greasy or shiny residue. The Hydro Boost gel made my skin feel very soft, supple and almost plumped up. I like the cooling effect it has on my skin, especially now that its getting warmer. I've been using it for a few weeks and my skin is soft, smooth and hydrated. Its great for me, since my skin tends to be on the drier side and after the winter months needs lots of moisture. It doesn't have any SPF so probably best to use at night time or apply another type of sun protection if wearing for day time. It comes in 2 formulas (water gel & gel cream for extra dry skin) and easily found at all major mass retailers. I was gifted this product @WeAllGrow conf by Neutrogena. 

Day 6: Rimmel London Exaggerate Full Color Lip Definer

red diva, innocent, lip liner, rimmel, london, cosmetics, makeup, lips, beauty review

Let's talk lip liner today and how I use to love it in High School. Sometimes all I used was lip liner and no lipstick at all! So recently I started using liner again and bought these #Rimmel lip liners called Exaggerate Full Color Lip Definer. So I noticed my lipstick started bleeding and feathering around my lip line, especially when I wore red lipstick. I picked these Rimmel lip liner b/c it was automatic and no sharpener needed. It's a bit creamy and soft which makes it easier to apply and doesn't look dry. Which also makes it easier to break if you turn the tube too much to expose the tip. It's best if you expose just enough to see the tip. It's long lasting and full coverage. It's a great deal for only about $5 and sometimes you can find a deal @walgreens for 50% off. I got the red diva and innocent (nude) which basically the colors I wear the most. For the money these lip liners are great and they do last a long time if you don't break the tip too often. 

Day 7: Ice Box Makeup Organizer by Sherrie Blossom 

makeup, organizer, sherri blossom, ice box, acrylic box, storgae, cid style file

So I have a confession, I'm a messy unorganized person when it comes to my makeup. I keep it every where, around my apt. and don't even know where it all is half the time. So when I was gifted an #IceBox organizer I was thrilled. The lovely people @lorealparisusa gifted all the guest at #GoldenGlobe party a @Sherrieblossom #IceBox. It's a gorgeous acrylic #MakeupOrganizer and just what I needed!! It only took me like 2 months to get it all organized! (I'm also a procrastinator) So today I cleaned out my dresser and organized my makeup! This organizer is beautiful and fits A LOT of makeup, it has several drawers and the top flips open for bigger items. The IceBox comes in different sizes and widths and truly does make for a beautifully and fancy place to store all your beloved makeup! Now I want another one for my jewelry! You can find out more about the IceBox at  How do you organize and store all your makeup?

Hope you enjoyed my first week of mini beauty reviews on Instagram find @CidStyleFile and continue to follow me for more to come.  I still 23 more days to go, make sure your following me on instagram and my hashtag #30for30Beauty!  

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