Friday, May 1, 2015

I'm 20 with 20 Years Experience

Today is my birthday! Yup, it's the big 4-0, or as I like to call it the 20:20!  I'm officially joining the #40PlusStyle club.  When I first started blogging 6 yrs ago, I quickly realized fashion blogging was a young persons game. I was over 30 and every blogger I knew was significantly younger.  Most fashion bloggers were and are early to late 20s, another set in their 30s, but I didn't know any who we're near 40 or older.  Slowing I started to meet other fashion bloggers who were my age and recently discovered an entire group of fashion bloggers who are 40+.  Hello have you met the ladies of Advanced Style! There are a lot more older fashion bloggers than I even imagined and I am delighted to join them.  I've been thinking a lot about turning 40, how I would feel, would I be sad or depressed? When I turned 30, it was a wonderful feeling, finally felt like a real adult and starting a new stage in life. 40 seemed so far away and so old!  Now here I am 10 years later and guess what!  I feel better than ever! OK I'm not going to lie, there are days I wake up a little achy, cranky and find a new wrinkle or gray hair.  But I've come to realize 40 is NOT old. It's not the end of world to turn 40, it's just the beginning!  I've learned many life lessons in my 40 yrs and I am so grateful and thankful for them all.   

Today I want to share a few of those lessons I've learned and helped me along the way. 

1) Trust your instincts, they are usually right. I'm sure you heard of the saying "women's intuition" well it's same thing as your instinct. We all have them and something in our gut tells us if it's a good or bad situation.  As you grow older you learn to listen to those instincts and let them guide you.  Sometimes we don't listen and go the opposite route, but soon enough you will learn those gut feelings mean something.  Trust yourself to know you are making the right decision in whatever you do. Listen to  your heart and it will guide you down the right path.

2) Always believe in yourself!  This one is a hard one for many people. It's taken me almost 40 years to believe in my self, I've had many years of self doubt. Growing up I wasn't the most confident and didn't feel I deserved many things.  I didn't feel I was good enough and therefore neither did others.  It all begins with YOU!  If you don't believe in yourself and abilities no one else will.  You know what you capable of so be confident in who you are and everything else will fall into palace. It takes time, I am still learning to be more confident and believe in my self.  It doesn't happen over night, but you just have to keep believing you are fabulous just the way you are! 

3) Love yourself no matter what anyone else says or thinks about you!  The only opinion that matters is your own.  We all have people in our lives who judge and criticize us, but those opinions don't matter. Those negative voices mean nothing if you love and believe in yourself.  No one knows you better or will love you like you do! So always be kind and caring to yourself, love yourself because you have many years to go. 

4) Age is really just a number.  Blogging has emphasized this lesson.  Your age is just a number and it only represents how many birthdays you've had.  Your age does not represent how you should live or feel about your self.  Your age is not a limit on what you can do or hold you back from pursuing your dreams.  Don't let any one tell you are too old to do anything, or wear anything.   I've learned this lesson best from Advanced Style, it's one of my favorite blogs and feel inspired by all the beautiful older stylish people being featured. I sometimes get down about my age and think why! Why I am letting a number rule how I feel, act or dress.  I am not sure how a 40 yr old women should feel, act or dress, but I will continue to just be me.  

5) Be Nice and Kind...this one is the most important of all.  It doesn't take much to be nice or kind and this can go a long way.  As a blogger I have met many wonderful people, but sadly I have also met some not so nice people.  There is no need to be mean, or look down on people.  No matter who they are, where they come from or what they do, be nice.  You never know who that person is, a simple smile or hello can make the difference.  I try to be nice, say hello, please and thank you to everyone.  I am not perfect, we all have bad days.  I am sure there has been a day when I may have come across as mean or rude.  But I know those days are few and far compared to the kindness I have given.  It all comes down to treating other how you would like to be treated.  I live by this and its helped me, because some one, some where will remember me for being nice and kind. That is exactly how I want to be remembered.

OK those are just a few of the lessons learned, I hope you too can learn and benefit from them.   Aging is not a bad thing and we all should embrace it with open arms.  Getting older is happening to us all, we can choose to accept it and make the best of if or fight it and struggle.   I personally will chose to embrace and accept it, getting older is a blessing and one day I will have many great stories to tell my children and grand children.  Can you imagine 20, 30 even 40 yrs from now looking back at this blog and everything I have accomplished! Wow that will be a great way to share my story.  

So today all I want is for you to think about your life lessons and what they have taught you.  If you want to make this birthday girl even happier, go follow me on Instagram to help me reach my goal of 1500! :) 


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY my wonderful and beautiful Vero! You are wise beyond your years mama! Great post :) and perfect for today.

  2. Great lessons learned & Fantastic Post. Happy New Year Vero! Welcome to the #40PlusClub!

  3. 40 is the new 18. Life is just getting started and it's going to be great!

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