Monday, May 11, 2015

Plus Size Universe: Two Piece Sets

Do you remember when the idea of wearing a matching top and skirt in the same print was fashion suicide? OK I know sounds dramatic, but fashion can be funny and tricky. Like Heidi Klum says on Project Runway "In fashion one day you're in and the next you're out". Mixing patterns is so last year, in 2015 is all about two piece sets. This style seems to be really popular at the moment, matching tops and bottoms. Kerry Washington is one of the most recent celebs to be seen on the red carpet with this look. Thank goodness fashion has grown and evolved for plus size women, we can wear similar looks like the ones seen on celebs. This new trend has actually grown on me, its very versatile and easy to wear. Mix and match the top and the skirt, you have endless outfit possibilities. I am all about easy stylish outfits. 

Here's my version of Kerry Washington's two piece look for Plus Size Universe.
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Kerry is wearing a two piece dress from designer Timo Weiland in an abstract floral print.  Her look is some what simple, but the matching set is chic and modern.  The look is from the RTW Fall 2015 Collection, the top is about $195 and skirt about $225 for total of $420.  I couldn't find the exact one online, because it may not be available to us normal folks yet, but similar look from same designer found here.   The plus size universe version is from Eloquii, they have a few two piece sets available on their website, but this was my fave. The Plus Size Universe version is just as nice and has graphic design as well, the top is $75 and the skirt is $80, for a total of $155 for entire look. But you're in luck, I checked the Eloquii website and they are having a nice sale right now.  You get 50% off one item, then 30% off any additional items using code STYLE50.  Combine the two and you can get a good deal on the set for about $93, instead of $155! You know I like to bargain shop, so when ever I see these great deals I have to share with my readers!!  

What do you think about this new trend?  Would you wear a matching two piece set?

Hope you enjoy this weeks Plus Size Universe feature. Want me to find a plus size version of an outfit for you? Email me and I can help you find your Plus Size Universe. Leave  a comment with your thoughts on this outfit. Also follow me on Instagram for more of my style finds.


  1. I'm loving this 2 piece set. And I have a soft spot for matching pieces so it's right up my alley. Great find Vero!

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