Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Wood Watches by Jord - Unique & Stylish Timepieces

Wearing a watch for me is like wearing underwear, can't leave home without making sure I have one on. I've always worn a watch and have a nice little collection of timepieces.   A watch is an important part of any wardrobe just as much as the shoes or accessories. It can completely change the look of your outfit.   Jord Wood Watches gifted me a new watch made of cherry wood. Jord watches is a new brand to me and I had to see what these wood watches were all about when they contacted me. I didn't have any watch similar to this and was very excited to add a wood watch to my collection. 

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Jord wood watches are made of 100% sustainable wood and come in an array of wood finishes featuring woods like bamboo, maple, sandalwood, blackwood, cherry, zebrawood, and koa.  I chose the cherry wood Sully watch, which is a larger style watch and has an easy to read dial.   The watch is very well made and crafted with nice details. 

#jordwatch, wood watches, Jord, timepiece, sustainable wood, cid style file, ootd, unique, stylish, classic, cherry wood,

The Sully watch is a great addition to my wardrobe, especially for the summer months.  I tend to dress much more casual and wear lots of neutral colors and this cherry wood watch goes well with my outfits.  I also like the natural materiel for warmer months since it will stay cool when the weather gets hot.  Have you gotten burned by a metal watch on really hot summer day? I have! Watches made of rubber/plastic or other synthetic materials can also make  you sweaty or sticky in the heat.  A wood watch makes total sense for hot summer days and looks very stylish too!

#jordwatch, wood watches, Jord, timepiece, sustainable wood, cid style file, ootd, unique, stylish, classic, cherry wood,

My boyfriend really liked the watch when it arrived, he already asked to borrow it.  These Jord watches are great for both men and women, many styles are unisex and can be easily worn by anyone.  The first day I wore the wood watch was to my nieces graduation and everyone from my brothers, nephews, sister, nieces and even in-laws complimented and asked about the watch.  It's definitely a conversation pieces and you will get many people asking you about it. 

#jordwatch, wood watches, Jord, timepiece, sustainable wood, cid style file, ootd, unique, stylish, classic, cherry wood,

I love the idea of a wood watch, especially when its made of sustainable wood. On the website you can read more about the wood watches and see all the other styles available. I read the word "Jord" is Swedish and means earth, soil, land, perfect name for these earthy stylish watches.  It's great when you can find a brand that cares about quality, craftsmanship and the environment.  Also love they are an American brand who live, work and play in St. Louis MO.    

#jordwatch, wood watches, Jord, timepiece, sustainable wood, cid style file, ootd, unique, stylish, classic, cherry wood,

If your looking for a unique and classic timepiece check out Jord Wood Watches.  The come with a cute wooden watch, pillow and 12 month warranty.  The prices are no more than any other designer watch, and in fact Jord watches may be a better deal in my opinion. They will also size the watch band to fit you perfect upon arrival.  You are getting a one of kind watch, made from wood and I am sure not many other people will be wearing the same watch as you.

#jordwatch, wood watches, Jord, timepiece, sustainable wood, cid style file, ootd, unique, stylish, classic, cherry wood,

Outfit Details
T-Shirt - WetSeal Plus
Kimono - Blushed via Ross
Jeans - Levi's Jeggings via Ross
Sandals - Betsey Johnson
Sunnies - unknown brand via Ross
Wood Watch - Sully c/o Jord 

*Disclosure: I was gifted the wood watch by Jord for review purposes. All opinions and thoughts expressed on the blog are my own and I do not have any affiliation with any of the brands mentioned.
Watches Made From 100% Natural Wood by JORD


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