Monday, August 24, 2015

Don't Call It A Comeback

Whoa could it be another outfit post in the same month? Yup! I've slacked off way to long on posting outfits, time to make my comeback. Although I never really left, been here since 2009 and don't plan on quitting the blog any time soon. I wasn't really in a fashionable mood for quite some time.  Most of the summer was spent kinda bumming it and no one wants to see my "bum" outfits.  Trust me it's not cute! Now that I've seem to have gotten my fashion mojo back, hope to share more outfit post.  Seems to be what people like to see, on my instagram ootd pictures get the most likes. By the way hope you're following me on instagram, that's where I am most active. Find me under CidStyleFile on IG and Snapchat too!   

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OK so back to the outfit, its nothing spectacular, but gosh darn it I felt cute.  Isn't that what matters most, how we feel in our clothes.  Sometimes I think my outfits are not special or worthy to post on the blog. Then I slap my self and say hey this is me and my style and that's the whole point of the blog. It's about sharing my style and what I love to wear, some may like it and others may not. Hope to post more outfits and share my style, even if it's simple and casual.  This is me and what I love to wear, sometimes it may be fab and other times not. 

torrid, tarot card top, plus size fashion, cid style file, 40 plus style, INC, MIA shoes, macys, coach, baby g shock, hellz bellz

I had not been to Torrid in a long time, decided to drop in the other day.  It was my lucky day because they were having an extra 50% off clearance sale.  Woohoo! My 2 favorite things clearance and 50% off, my timing was just right!  I go through periods of time where I shop a lot at certain store.  Torrid use to be a fave, but for a while I honestly wasn't loving what they had to offer.  Lately from what I have seen the styles seem to be improving, or at least appeal more to my style. The clearance racks were over flowing with lots of goodies, it was so difficult to decide what I wanted.  I tried on several things, like a dozen actually, there so many cute clothes.  Well one thing about Torrid clearance, it's final sale and you can't exchange or return. I always make sure to try on clothes when its on clearance, thank goodness I did.  Out of all the items only 2 really fit well and I loved. I bought this top, with the cool cut-out and Tarot graphic, along with a studded belt (wearing it but you can't see it). Spent less than $20 for both, now that's a bargain for Torrid!

torrid, tarot card top, plus size fashion, cid style file, 40 plus style, INC, MIA shoes, macys, coach, baby g shock, hellz bellz

I've been trying to be more conscious of only buying clothes that fit me well and really love.  I'm awful about buying stuff cause it cheap, then I don't end up wearing or hating the fit. It's almost embarrassing sometimes going through my closet and finding clothes with tags and never worn. I mostly end up giving stuff away to my aunt, who loves my clothes.  She makes out like a bandit on her visits from Mexico. Sometimes she doesn't even bring lots of clothes in her luggage, because she knows I'll have new things to give. No wonder I am one of her fave nieces, ha ha.  Well at least I'd like to think so. 

torrid, tarot card top, plus size fashion, cid style file, 40 plus style, INC, MIA shoes, macys, coach, baby g shock, hellz bellz
Outfit Details
Tarot 3 of Swords Top - Torrid
INC Jeans - Macy's (old)
Lila Cutout Sandals - MIA via Rack (old)
Sunglasses - via Ross
Bag - Coach
Watch - Hellz Bellz Baby G Shock


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