Monday, September 7, 2015

Plus Size Universe: Patchwork Jeans

It's been a minute since I've done a Plus Size Universe feature, but I'm back with one of my favorites...jeans!  In case you haven't noticed from my outfit post on Instagram, jeans are my favorites.  I could live in denim and wear jeans everyday. Sadly I can't really wear jeans to work, so I take full advantage on the weekends.  I love jeans in all styles, washes and finishes.  One trend that isn't really new is patchwork jeans, but I have noticed it's showing up more in plus sizes.  Although plus fashion has evolved and grown in the past few years, it's still taking a long time for trends to trickle down from the runways. It seems plus size woman have to wait for a year of more for certain trends to come in our size.  I had seen patchwork jeans on a few celebs and on other straight size bloggers a year or more ago. I love this look and needed a pair of my own. Unfortunately these style jeans were not easily found in plus size a year ago. I even considered making my own, using an old pair of jeans. I am not much of DIY type so just forgot about it.

Recently I notice more plus size brands and retailers started selling these patchwork jeans.  I recently bought pair and wanted to share the trend, which I still think is stylish. Below are some of my fave looks from some celebrities wearing this trend.  Gwen Stefani is always a favorite of mine and is often seen wearing jeans.  Taraji P. Henson was seen at the airport wearing a pair of patchwork jeans looking very casual and stylish. 

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Gwen and Taraji are wearing some high end denim retailing for $200 plus.   Although their jeans look very stylish and cool, no way would I pay those prices for jeans.  Especially a very trendy style such as patchwork which I like, but its not a classic style that can be worn for many years.  I like to find much more affordable versions of trendy denim styles like the ones featured.  The pair I bought  the Boyfriend Patchwork Jeans from Old Navy seen above, it retails for about $45 and is currently on sale.  I actually bought a pair from the straight size and not the plus size, which is only sold on line.  I usually get my Old Navy clothes in the "regular" size since some things run a bit bigger. These patchwork jeans are very roomy and have stretch, I didn't have to order the plus size online, so try the sizes in store and see if they work for you too. Another pair I loved is the Cropped Patchwork Jeans from Harper & Liv, they are from Macy's and retail for $59, currently also on sale from $10 off.  I found a few other pairs from other plus size store like Rainbow and Fashion to Figure. This trend is becoming more accessible and affordable in plus size.  

What do you think about patchwork jeans?  
Would you wear them?

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Me wearing the Old Navy Boyfriend Patchwork Jeans on Labor Day with H&M top and sneakers

Hope you enjoy this weeks Plus Size Universe feature. Want me to find a plus size version of an outfit for you? Email me and I can help you find your Plus Size Universe. Leave a comment with your thoughts on this outfit. Also follow me on Instagram for more of my style finds.


  1. I love the patchwork jeans. I was just thinking about shredding a pair of jeans, but I may patch instead. My son also asked if I would patch his jeans just last week, but I didn't have any patches. He is way hip! Sharing your post. Love, Lisa

    1. Thanks Lisa, I loved patching my denim jackets in high school and now I want to try making my own patched jeans.

  2. I don't think I have the confidence to pull these off as a fluffy girl, but you look so chic! I'm a boot cut kind of girl. I should try to be trendy more often. :)

  3. They look so cute!
    This would be my style.

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