Friday, July 15, 2016

Visiting Baja California - #UntamedStyle Linkup

Map of  Baja California

Have you ever visited Baja California? I was recently in Ensenada, Baja California on a family trip. We use to visit often when I was younger, in middle and high school my family took several yearly trips. After many years we eventually stopped going as often, due to various reason, mainly safety. There was a period when it become unsafe to travel down to Baja, especially by car.  My parents decided it was no longer worth the risk. It has been over 15 years since my last visit. Recently my family begin going to Baja once again. I now have family living in Ensenada and it was time for a visit. I was a little weary of traveling to Baja, not gonna lie. After some convincing I decided to go with my family for a little get away by the beach. I am so thankful and grateful for this trip, my love of Mexico has been renewed. Baja has changed for the better and its much safer to travel.  If you have never been to Baja or haven't been in a long time you need to plan a trip. Ensenada is a shorter drive from Los Angeles than going to Las Vegas! Yup, once you cross the boarder into Tijuana, it's about an hour drive down the Pacific Coast. A beautiful scenic drive will take your breath away and you will not regret making the drive. Ensenada now has toll roads which are safe, well maintained and the drive is much easier and quicker than ever. 

Here are some highlights from my trip to Baja and some info for you to consider if you decided to visit for your self. 
Ensenada Beach right before the sunset

 Ensenada is a coastal town, in Baja California Mexico. You can take a road trip, or bus as well as a flight into Tijuana, Mex.  Ensenada does not have an airport but there are many ways to get there. If you do drive to Ensenada, I highly recommend taking the toll roads, which are only $1.75 and you will have to cross 3 toll booths before arriving into Ensenada. The roads are safer then the old highway and are just as good if not better than roads in the US. You will have a very beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean almost all the way down. There are several points of interest along the way. Rosarito Beach is a popular stop before arriving at Ensenada.  Puerto Nuevo is another popular destination for travelers, famous for its lobster dinners by the beach.
View from La Bufadora (Geyser)

A popular attraction in Ensenada is La Bufadora, which is one of the largest blow holes in North America. You can drive to La Bufadora or take a local tour bus which are available from many of the hotels or from the downtown area. If you are lucky during your visit you may spot dolphins and even whales from the geyser. There are also several whale watching excursions you take from Ensenada. 
La Bufadora (Geyser)

The famous "La Bufadora" a geyser that can reach up to 65 feet high, caused by the breaking of waves against a cave that is at the bottom of the cliff. You can stand on the ledges and see the waves rise and if you are close enough get a little splash of sea water. The view from top is amazing, its one of natures beautiful marvels you have to witness in person to truly appreciate. 
Vendors at La Bufadora

Visiting La Bufadora is a great place to also do a little souvenir shopping. The path to the edge of the geyser is full of vendors selling many Mexican souvenirs all hand made by local artisans. If you get hungry or thirsty, no problem. There are also many vendors selling local seafood, drinks and Pina Coladas served in a pineapple! You can not leave Ensenada with out eating fish tacos. Ensenada is the birth place of fish tacos. The food is fresh, very affordable and delicious. With just a few dollars you can enjoy a wonderful meal, with a beer or any other beverage and even dessert for the price of fast food combo in the states. 

Mangoes and Coconuts by the beach

A popular food item found all over Ensenada is fresh local fruit, like mangoes and coconuts. You will find road side stands all over, especially by the beach. You can enjoy a fresh coconut with various fruits, or even shrimp on the beach. Just ask the locals where's a good place to get a "Coco Loco" and they will guide to the best spots. Don't worry if you don't speak Spanish, many people in Ensenada speak English and are happy to help you out. 
El Cielo Winery in Valle De Guadalupe

Another must see place is Valle De Guadalupe, which is a short drive from Ensenada. La Ruta Del Vino to Valle De Guadalupe is home to dozens of wineries which produce s the majority of wine from Mexico. Many people are referring to it as the "Napa of the South". We visited one of the larger wineries called "El Cielo", had a tour and tasting for less than $15.  You not only get a tour of the wineries from the barrel room to the bottling process, but also get to keep the wine glass at the end of your tasting. I am not really knowledgeable about wine, but I can tell you these are quality and delicious wines. You can also take tours of several wineries from Ensenada and worry about driving and enjoying all the fabulous wine. 

I had a wonderful time on my trip, Ensenda its a great place to visit if you have never been to Mexico. Ensenada is a little taste of Mexico's coastal towns, so close to the US and much more affordable. Staying in Ensenda is quite cheap, in comparison to visiting other more popular beach towns in Mexixco. Hope I have convinced you to take a visit to Ensenada and enjoy all the coast of Baja California has to offer. 

Have you ever visited Ensenada or Mexico? 

Outfit Details
Crochet Top: Wet Seal Plus $15
Jeans: HM+ $10
Sandals: Teva $12
Bag: Stussy via Outlet $10
Yellow Hat: Peter Grimm via TJ Maxx $10
Sunnies: Elie Tahari $5

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  1. What a fun trip!!
    We gave up travelling for awhile, but I'm starting to get the bug again, so thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Gorgeous photos! And you look so adorable in your bright yellow sun hat. Thanks so much for including me in your 5 favorites. It is always such an honor to be recognized by my fabulous blogger friends! Remember to come link up with me as well! Have a fantastic weekend.


    1. Thanks for linking up with me On the Edge of the Week. I hope to see you again next week. Have a fabulous weekend!


  3. It looks beautiful over there, lovely photos!! :)
    DeeVine Anonyme

  4. Baja was the final leg of a massive car camping road trip I took in 1982. We drove a 70 VW van from Brownsville, TX, down the east coast, around the Yucatan peninsula, through San Cristobal de las Casas, Oaxaca, and Mexico DF, then over to the west coast via San Minguel d'Allende, ferrying from Puerto Vallarta to Cabo and up to CA. It took months and the engine blew not once, but TWICE! I also got a bad case of turista because stupid me drank the murky tap water in Oaxaca. Fun times! Better memories include camping on the beach for two weeks - for free!- on the Caribbean coast south of Tulum, and wandering around Mexico City.
    Glad to hear the roads are better -- I remember those twisty Baja roads with all the junked cars rusting at the bottom of the ravines -- the ones that missed the turns. ¡Eeeeek!
    When visiting San Diego the late 90s, my boyfriend and I used to train down Tijuana for great souvenir shopping . We haven't done it in a long time, probably because we were worried about the dangers from the drug trade.
    Sounds like you had a wonderful trip!
    Thanks for linking on SpyGirl -- fun to read this!

  5. Oh my goodness! That looks beautiful! Such a pretty place!

  6. it looks like you have a fabulous time. thank you for adding your post to my Fine-Whatever link up.


  7. your outfit is a steal! love those jeans.

  8. Love your outfit and your photos!

    Thank you for hosting and hope you are having a fab week!


    Hope to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

  9. Hey, thanks for adding this link to my Girls Best Friend link up... I just don't see your fur kid anywhere! My link up is for posts that feature your pets. Hope you can do a post like that for the August link up. Thanks!

  10. Your trip looks like it was beautiful and so much fun! I'm glad you got to go back and had a great time. This summer I'm going to Alaska, just about the opposite of warm, beachy Mexico! Thank you for hosting!

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  12. This looks like an amazing trip! I love your hat too... I'm such a hat girl! ;P Thanks for sharing with us at #FridayFrivolity!

  13. Yummy mangos! It looks like you are having a great time getting to know the local hubs. Would love if you can link up to

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