Monday, August 29, 2016

The Fab 40's - Bomber Jacket 90's Inspired

Here we are again with another installment of The Fab 40's, this months theme was chosen by Sheela of Sheela Writes. Bomber Jackets, are totally on trend right now and I know they will be hot for fall and winter. This isn't my 1st go around with bomber jackets, the trend was very popular in my high school days. Yup, the look was so cool in the 90's. Wearing a bomber jacket took me back to 1992 listening to The Smiths on my brothers boom box, while watching 90210 wondering if Brenda & Dylan would break up! Ah the 90's were so awesome, so many great things happened and so many great fashion trends were worn. Honestly didn't really intended to have my outfit be a 90's inspired look, but once I put on the bomber jacket my 17 year old self appeared. OK, actually the 17 year cool version of who I wish I had been appeared. I would have probably not worn this outfit when I was a teen, mostly because cool and trendy clothing in plus size didn't exist in the early 90's. It was nearly impossible to find fashionable and trendy clothing for any one over a size 12. The struggle was real to be a chubby teen girl in the 90's!

When I look back at pictures of myself in high school, I realize how much smaller I was in size, yet couldn't find clothes to wear.  Well lets say I couldn't find the clothes I wanted to wear in my size. Plus size fashion was very limited and trust me the clothes that was available I did not want to wear. I resorted to either wearing my brothers jeans and tees, or usually wearing sweats. Thankfully my mom was a seamstress and she would make me clothes or alter certain things to fit me. Seriously don't know how I made it during my teen years, I yearned to be cool and hip, but the fashion industry wouldn't let me!

Although plus fashion still has ways to go, the options are much better.  I wish half the stores and styles were available in the 90s.  The plus fashion industry has evolved and I am more than happy to evolve with it.  I now can walk into stores and buy the latest trends in my size, or better yet order cool clothes online. Don't you just love the internet!  

When my boyfriend saw my outfit he said "you look like a fly girl", for those of you younger readers Google "fly girl" and find out who they were. One of the more famous fly girls was Jennifer Lopez, before she became JLo.  She was a dancer on a popular show In Living Color. This show was one of my favorites and I watched it weekly just to see what the fly girls would wear.  They were the coolest girls and had the best outfits, all the girls wanted to look like a fly girl.  This outfit reminds me of something a fly girl would wear, except they would have worn a cat suit instead of a jumpsuit. Now if I could also dance like the fly girls my life would be complete!

So here's my version wearing a bomber jacket, a little 90's and fly girl inspired. When I first bought the bomber jacket my first thought was to wear it with my distressed jeans and rock tee. That's how I will probably wear it most, but for this challenge I wanted to push my self and get creative. I paired it with this jumpsuit and my Vans for a more edgy look. 

Outfit Details
Jumpsuit: Bongo Plus $3.99
Bomber Jacket: Forever21 $22
Croc Slip On Vans: Vans Outlet $15
Mini Slik Scarf Backpack: Stussy Japan $15
Sunnies: Gift from sister
Earrings/Necklace: H&M (old)

As I mentioned in the beginning of post, this is my 2nd installment of the Fab 40's blogger group. I am loving these style challenges and collaboration with other bloggers. We have an awesome diverse group of ladies from all the world. Last months post was done some what last minute and I didn't really give these ladies a proper introduction. So now for you reading consideration I want to introduce you to the other Fab 40's ladies and their bomber jacket looks. 

Here are the Fab 40's Bloggers in this months theme...Bomber Jacket

Sheela from Sheela Writes is from Borneo, now living in Texas, she's a great writer and super stylish lady. I love her bomber jacket look, with the two-tone jacket, casual and chic. If you are a shoe lover, then you must check out Sheela's blog. She has an amazing shoe collection. 
Mary from Curlybyrrdie Chirps is a mid-west girl with classic style. She pairs classic looks with feminine style and always does it on a budget. Her printed bomber jacket is on trend and paired with a skirt keeps her signature classy style. 

Samantha from Fake Fabulous is a scientist from Scotland, she is the most stylish scientist I know. She likes to Fake her Fabulousness with her style, she looks pretty fab to me with her cute floral bomber jacket. 
Diane from Fashion On The 4th Floor is from the US and just gorgeous. I look at her pictures and want all her clothing, in plus size of course. She always has a smile to go with her stylish outfits. This bomber jacket look is so girly, but I love how she paired the outfit with pink sneakers. 

Ann from Kremb De La Kremb is an American living and working abroad. She has lived all over the world for over 20 yrs and her travels have influenced her style. Although I can see her all American look come through in her outfits. Especially this one with the red bomber jacket and her stars and stripes. 

Jennie from A Pocketful Of Polka Dots, is a southern gal from South Carolina. She loves prints and incorporates them in most of her outfits. Just like she did with the floral bomber jacket, for a office look with a twist. 

Grace from Grace and Color is the guest blogger for this month. She is from China, but now lives in Michigan. She blogs about petite fashion and loves colorful outfits. She sure shows off her love of fashion and color in this outfit. The red skirt looks great with the subtle colors in the bomber jacket. 

Are you planning to wear a bomber jacket this fall?

I really do hope you enjoy these Fab 40's post and seeing how each blogger interprets the style challenge. Please make sure to visit all the Fab 40 bloggers to see the full details of their outfits and get to know more about them as well. I promise you will not be disappointed to read these blogs if you aren't already familiar with these ladies!.


  1. Vero, you are totally a FLY GIRL!! What I loved most about your styling was that you chose the classic bomber. Yet, I love how edgy and fierce you are in that black jumpsuit and dark sunnies. You did a great job styling this time round, and I am really happy that you have the fashion options you do today that you didn't in the 90s. For me, coming from a typical large Catholic family, my fashion limitations were caused by the expectations of what I should do with my life. Even though in my head I daydreamed (yet never spoke aloud) of working for Vogue, and I did what I was suppose to as the eldest of five. I went to college, studied, and finished in four years. Now, I am so happy to be writing Kremb de la Kremb as it really is my fashion outlet that I wanted all along.

    Here's to the 90s and being FLY GIRLS!

    Love, Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

  2. First the internet is fabulous for shopping---I just spoke to a woman the other day who never shops online and I was shocked!! I think it's so convenient and makes it easier to get better variety of sizing!
    Second---love this look---especially with the backdrop! You are rockin' this!

  3. Hey hey VLo GRIN you are truly looking fly and fierce in this get-up. I couldn't quite put a finger on it but I think it's your attitude, your personality. It's the perfect finishing touch XOXOXO

  4. Super cute! I'm loving it styled with the jumpsuit ;)

  5. Veronica you look so cool in this bomber jacket.... I am not sure what a fly-girl is! (Hahahaha....this does not translate to Scotland) BUT if it involves looking cool and edgy then you have nailed it!

    I have to say that the 90's was seriously lacking when it came to fashion choices for regular sizes too.
    (Especially where I grew up)
    I used to wear the same micromesh body and wonderbra "outfit" every time I went clubbing.
    No one I knew had loads of clothes, or choices of outfits, so it seemed normal.
    As for shoes, I think I only had 2 pairs!
    "Clubbing" boots (Super chunky with loads of metal hardware) and regular DM's.
    I never looked at my wardrobe wondering what shoes would go with my outfit!! Hahahaha.

    This classic bomber is probably the hardest of all to style.... so hat's off to you!
    IMO classics can easily look dull and boring (even if they are a hot trend) but you have managed to make this bomber look fresh.
    I love your shots too...full of attitude!
    Great styling.

    P.S. A* for the bargain hunting/ fantastic prices!

  6. I loved in Living Color and the Fly Girls. :) You look like you could just pop on stage with them and blend in seamlessly! Seriously cool look. Fabulous colors and I Love that you went with Vans. Cannot wait to hear what you have in store for us next month!

  7. All the looks are so pretty and cool. Love this olive/neutral bomber on you and your coral-orange lipcolor. The look is sporty-casual and fab!
    Thanks for linking up with Turning heads tuesday
    jess xx

  8. I am loving your on the trend look girl so sporty chic and you wearing my favorite color for the fall also :)

  9. Veronica, you so fabulous in this outfit! So do you remember the green bomber jackets with the orange lining from the 90's? The ones all the punk rock, Doc Marten-wearing, skater-type kids were wearing? Yep, that was me in high school. My dad's old jeans, a too baggy tee shirt, Doc Martens, and a olive green bomber! Or shredded tights, cut off shorts, a beat up old flannel, Doc Martens, and trusty ole bomber! I kind of wish I still had that jacket..but it would probably be about 6 sizes too small now! I had my own fashion struggles in the 90's...more to do with financial status than I couldn't be trendy and cool either. But I never even thought about the lack of plus size clothing back then. (I was a skinny, gawky teen with bad hair!) That is such a shame though. I don't even know what I do these days without the plus size option...I am in that weird zone were I can shop either misses or women's sizes. look amazing now, so let's just turn our noses up at the fashion industry and all of its "skinny glorification" because you, my friend, are stunning... in every post I read!

    Rock on...


  10. your bomber jacket is so pretty!! Thank you for introducing me to so many new blogs too
    The Color Palette

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  12. Love this theme! Bomber jacket is the hottest trend last year. I could see many great bomber jacket here.
    Love your outfit!

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