Friday, September 2, 2016

Taste and Style at Citadel Outlets - #UntamedStyle Linkup

When you get invited to an event called Taste and Style hosted by a local Outlet Mall you say YES! The only outlet mall in the city of Los Angeles, Citadel Outlet had a Taste and Style event this past weekend. I was invited to experience their VIP lounge and taste some wine from San Antonio Winery, a local winery. How can you say no to a day of VIP treatment, local wine, bites and SHOPPING! I didn't want to be rude, so gladly accepted the invitation. What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon, a little wine to get you warmed up for some fabulous shopping.

This was the 3rd and last Taste and Style event for the year. Citadel Outlets has several events through out the year, if you're in LA or Southern California I highly recommend you attend an event at the Citadel Outlets. They are so choice! The Taste and Style event was a small group and held in the outlets VIP Lounge, located by the customer service. Yes they have a fancy lounge just for us VIP shoppers. You can sit and relax after a long day of shopping, lounge is equipped with comfy furniture, WiFi access and of course drinks and treats. You can live the high life while shopping at the Citadel Outlets, however VIP Lounge is only available to select guest and on days of events. You can find out about new events here

All Guest were treated with VIP treatment, with wine tasting from San Antonio Winery in Los Angeles and small bites from the wineries restaurant. I am kinda of ashamed to admit that I have never been to San Antonio Winery, so sad because their wines were so good!  I am not really a drinker and rarely drink due to my low alcohol tolerance, yeah total light weight...LOL So back to the wine, they have several varieties and all so good. I was able to sample a few different kind of wines. By sample I mean guzzle, they were very generous with the servings and pretty much had an open wine bar. YAY! You can see some of the wines I had here. Did I mention they had beer too! Yeah not a beer drinker either, however I had the best Italian beer. WOW this beer is so light and refreshing, never tasted beer this good. It's an imported beer and can be found at the winery as well. See all the good stuff I was missing out on, good thing I made it to the Taste and Style event. 

After we had a our fill of wine, beer and food we headed out for some shopping. Yeah I know shopping and drinking probably not a good combination, especially at an outlet mall. Who could resist over 130 stores of some of the fashion top brands. I had to make my way over to Coach, Michael Kors, Kate Spade, Cosmetic Company...geez way to many to mention. If you are in LA or ever come to visit you MUST stop and do some shopping at the Citadel Outlets. They have plenty of parking, valet as well, a shuttle from Anaheim resorts, a free shuttle to and from downtown LA and of course tons of great stores.  So that was my weekend, not too bad right. 

Outfit Details
Kimono: H&M $10
Jeans: Old Navy $10
Black Slip Dress: City Chic came with another dress
Lace Up Shoes: Report via Ross $16
Tassel Earrings: H&M (old)

Which do you love more, shopping or wine? Inquiring minds need to  know! 

So this week I have no 5 Fave Links to share (sad face). I know you are too! I am not really one to complain and vent here on the blog, but let me tell you work is kicking my booty! I haven't really had the time to read and look at all the links from last weeks linkup. So in all fairness I want to read them all and choose my 5 fave. I will probably double up and choose 10 for next week. How does that sound! 

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*This is not a sponsored post, I was invited as a media guest and given complimentary ticket by the Citadel Outlets. 


  1. Veronica, this is one of my favorite looks of yours so far! The kimono is perfectly my style! And I love the dress over jeans and your fabulous lace up flats! I am going to have to copy this one, for sure!

    And what a fun day being a VIP shopper at an outlet mall! Oh I would be in so much trouble there!


  2. SOUNDS LIKE FUN!!! Love your look, esp the kimono and lace up shoes <3
    I'll think of you the next time I'm at the Citadel :)

  3. Veronica, you look Fabulous! Positively Love this look. Your long kimono is such an outstanding completer piece and your lace-up flats are so fun. Sounds like you had a wonderful time at the event.

  4. That sounds like you had a lot of fun. This kimono is just perfect!

    Anna xoxo

  5. Looking good girl, love duster & flats! XOXO - Dasha

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