Friday, October 28, 2016

Playing In Plaid - #UntamedStyle Linkup

Feels good to be back with a real outfit post to share with you this week. I am trying to be more prepared and plan ahead, you know like a real good blogger would do. Being consistent with blogging has been my weakness since I first started blogging 7 years ago. As much I love blogging and sharing with readers, its just not realistic for me to blog daily. I tried blogging 2-3x a week and was doing OK for a while, then you know life happens. Once a week seems to be what works best for my schedule, and even then I struggle at times. Well I will sure try to keep this weekly schedule of posting on Fridays for the #UntamedStyle Linkup. You may see other occasional post here and there for special collabs or other fun things I may blog about. For now I hope you are enjoying these weekly linkup post and join me every Friday for lots of fashion, beauty and lifestyle post. 

Today's outfit is about working with what you got...seems to be my life lately. I been working with what I have in my closet and in life.  I discussed this issue in another blog previous, about shopping your own closet.  How as a fashion blogger we sometimes feel pressure to keep up with trends and buy new clothes regularly (also blogged about it here.) This was my issues a few years ago, buying to just have outfits to blog about. Sounds silly, but I felt the need to have new clothes ALL the time to create outfits for the blog. It was getting out of hand and that's when I longer enjoyed blogging. Now since the begging of the year I decided to start shopping my own closet and use what I have create outfits. Doesn't mean I won't shop for new clothes or shoes. I am a fashion lover after all, now I am conscience of buying things for style and wardrobe staples. 

This out was shopped from my closet from head to toe!  I've had this plaid shirt dress for almost a year, hanging there in my cold dark closet, with the tags still on.  Not sure why I haven't wore it, until it was time to show it off. The black slip dress is from another dress, but decided to pair them together for this look.  I was still a bit warm in California, no leggings or tights needed.  Which how I would have worn this dress normally. Don't usually like to show off my bare legs, I'm always too pale and have dark veins that show through, which I dislike and tend to cover up. I also dug out these old booties from the back of the closet, dusted them off for this outfit. 

No more I have nothing to wear cries, when I obviously have a closet overflowing with clothes and shoes. I was notorious for always complaining of not having anything decent to wear and running out to buy new clothes. For a while I was buying something new to wear almost weekly. Even if it was just a simple t-shirt...I needed something new.  Lately my shopping habits have been subdued dramatically. Maybe I am maturing and realizing there is no need for so much material items. My priorities have changed a bit and started to focus more on traveling. Which you know takes a bit of money to travel, even just a local road trip can be costly. My wardrobe is well stocked, I really don't need more clothing or shoes. Now I am focusing on getting my passport full of stamp. You may start to see a few more travel related blog post here. In fact as you read this blog, I am on my way to a weekend getaway to San Francisco. More to come on this trip later this month. In the mean time you can follow me on Instagram for stories of my trip.  

Outfit Details
Plaid Shirt Dress: Forever21+ $17
Black Slip Dress: borrowed from another dress
Booties: H&M $10
Sunnies: Local Shop $5
Black Bag: Coach Outlet (old)

Here are 5 of my favorite looks from last weeks linkup.  

Jennie from Pocketful of Polk Dots has a great post on quick and easy last minute costumes for Halloween. This Wednesday Adams is one of my faves, its easy to recreate and appeals to my inner dark side! LOL  Go check out he post for lots more cool ideas. 

I love this look on Lisa from Beauty101 By Lisa. Simple and casual but still looks stylish, with the olive green vest and stripe tee.  

This look by Nancy of Nancy's Fashion Style, caught my attention with the read leather skirt. I have been afraid of leather clothing for years now, but maybe I am ready to give it a try. As you can see by Nancy's look you can make a leather pencil skirt look classy and stylish. 

How cute does Nicole from High Latitude Style look in a bomber jacket. This is a hot trend this season, so many ways to style a bomber jacket. I really think a bomber can work for everyone.

This how I want to be dressing this Fall, like Sabine of Mom In Music City.  I am bit envious of her cozy warm fall outfit. In my previous post I ranted about the heat in California during fall.  I am so ready for sweaters, scarfs, and boots and all things fall style. 

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  1. I think your legs look wonderful Veronica!! I've struggled with embracing my pale skin too---I'm from the days of tan, tan & more tan. But skin cancer has caught up with me, so I'm trying to be more accepting of what I have---so I bare my legs and it's funny---no one laughs or stares (at least that I can tell)!!
    I agree with you about shopping in our closet. I was just purging, and realized that so many of the items in the stores aren't much different from what's in my closet! It's a great feeling to think we have enough!
    You look fabulous!!

  2. Truly great layered look! I am seriously Loving your plaid shirtdress and how you made it multi-functional. While I do like adding a couple of trendy pieces to my wardrobe each season, I generally shop my closet for most of my posts. Enjoy your travels this weekend, Vero!

  3. Oh, and I forgot to say thank you for the shout out. Thank you!

  4. Love your 'not new, but never worn' outfit. And I hear you on all accounts; not enough time for blogging, should buy less and shop closet, and the weather in SoCal too warm for real Fall fashions. As you'll see in my link up post, I'm enjoying a bit of true Fall weather with a trip to a few northeast states. Thanks for sharing your look and for hosting.


  5. Love this post Cid, and I hope one day we can connect in person :) It is hard to blog consistently. What works for a time may not work at present, and vice versa. Fab look!

  6. Thanks for featuring me. I feel so honored!

  7. Baby girl, I hear ya!! I am SO envious of those who are so on top of things that they have a week's worth of posts all sorted, way ahead of time. Damn.

    p/s speaking of damn, day'yum, I love your boots!!!

  8. Thank you so much for including me in the featured bloggers!! I love your outfit beautiful XOXO. Stop by and join the linkup @

  9. What a surprise to be featured! Thank you!

  10. What a surprise to be featured! Thank you!

  11. Thanks for linking up to the Ageless Style linkup party!

  12. Love the shirt. I guess I will buy one next summer.
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