Friday, May 12, 2017

Finding My Tribe At The Torrid Pool Party

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Torrid Pool Party in Orange County, CA.  I was invited by Marcy Cruz as her plus one....yay!  Marcy who blogs at Fearlessly Just Me and is the blog editor of Plus Model Magazine, came to LA and wanted to make sure we hung out. Well what better place and event to hang out than the Torrid Pool Party.  I had met Marcy briefly at an event in LA many years ago. Since then we have maintained in contact via Facebook and social media.  Once I heard she was coming to my side of town, I wanted to see her and really get to spend some time with her. Its always great to meet and spend time with women who you can relate to on so many levels. 
Hanging out with blogger babes at Torrid pool party. (photo credit Amanda Allison)

Growing up I had zero friends who were plus size, none! I wasn't able to share clothes with any friends, I couldn't go shopping at the same stores as any of my friends, it was a sad time for me. Being some one who loves and enjoys fashion, it was difficult because I felt alone and unable to express my self. Flash forward many years later, I discovered blogging and met so many amazing ladies who shared my same struggles and passion for fashion. It's not too often I can surround my self with amazing women who are like me, who are plus size and have the same values when it comes our bodies and fashion.

We named our selves the OG Latina Plus Fashion Bloggers! (photo credit Amanda Allison)

I have been extremely lucky and blessed to have attended some awesome events because of my blog.  I have met celebrities and been to some really fancy and posh places.  However, I am always one of the bigger persons, I am the plus size girl in a room full of skinny, glam, and beautiful people.  I never quite feel comfortable, and often feel even more insecure.  It's taken me many years to come to terms with my self and my size, although I have become more confident in who I am.  There is always an element of self doubt and insecurity when I am around large groups of people who look nothing like me. 

When I was at the Torrid pool party I didn't have those feelings of insecurity and doubt.  I felt like I belonged, my size was not an issue.  I could talk to other bloggers and guest about shopping and clothes. We all have the same issues and struggles with clothes, we all have similar insecurities and stories about our bodies.  I could be my self and not have to worry about what others my say or think of my size. I know what you are thinking, I should be my self always! Usually I am, but sometimes when no one is talking to you and approaching you at a party, it makes me feel it's because of my size/weight.  The old ideas about my self creep back and those voices telling me I don't belong get louder. 

Sometimes you want to just have fun and be carefree, with no worries about how you look.  Living in Southern California that isn't always easy.  Growing up in Los Angeles, so close to Hollywood it makes you hyper sensitive and aware of your body, your image and your looks. I didn't have stores like Torrid as a teenager, there were no stores catering to young, cool and trendy plus size girls.  There were no celebrities or role models who looked like me, who were plus size.  Now I am grateful to be able to surround my self with other people who do look more like me, who have been through the same struggles I have.  I am so happy there is young women like Ashley Nell Tipton to represent us and show the world being plus size won't hold us back.  By the way I was very giddy to meet Ashley, she was not only sweet, but very honest and humble. She didn't just take a picture with me and then walked away, she stuck around and chatted with us.  I know she has a very bright future in fashion, I am really excited to see what she will do next. 

Thank you Torrid for hosting an awesome pool party, where we could all show off our curves in safe and loving place.  Thank you Marcy for inviting me and hanging out. Thank you plus size fashion community for letting me be a part of such an awesome group of inspiring woman.  


  1. These photos look like you gals had great fun. Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style.

  2. You ladies look fabulous! And what a great time! Isn't it so amazing when you find your tribe?


  3. Oh I love this! I feel out of place at a lot of blogger events because of my age. I feel like these 20-somethings are looking me like "who brought their mom with them?" ... So anyway, it's nice to have tribe, right? You all look beautiful and stylish! I actually got to meet Ashely briefly at NYFW and she was just the sweetest!!!

    Thanks so much for linking up with Fun Fashion Friday! Have a fab weekend!

    Dawn Lucy

  4. Its always good to find a friend you can truly relate with! This pool party looks like it was super fun.
    Thank you for linking up with Weekend Wear


  5. Aww, I am so glad you have found a sister tribe through blogging. Well, I do consider you a part of my blogging sister tribe because of our Fab 40's collaborations. It is so cool to read of the openings blogging has brought to you. You ladies look fabulous and so full of confidence. I Love it! Thanks for linking up with Fabulous Friday. I would love to have you co-host with me sometime, Vero. :)

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  7. You ladies look so gorgeous! It's great to find the tribe we belongs to ^^
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