#UntamedStyle Weekly Link-Up


not domesticated or otherwise controlled, a distinctive appearance

#Untamed Style is a group of bloggers who are fashion loving, free spirited and who don't fit a mold of what women should be or look like. We refuse to be judged, stereotyped or boxed by societal norms.  We are women, mothers, daughters, wives, sisters and lovers.  We are carefree, wise, strong, caring and beautiful, perfect in our imperfections. Our hearts will not be tamed and our style shall not be shamed.
#UntamedStyle will have weekly linkups with monthly themes, about life and style. Don't except to see the usual blog post from us, in fact don't expect anything.  We dance to our own beat and honor our own weirdness.
Used the hash #UntamedStyle to be featured and join our weekly link-up.  Link up will go up every Friday with a monthly theme posted. Who can join? Essential anyone can join and link-up, we do focus on fashion, style, beauty and lifestyle blogging, but all bloggers who identify with Untamed Style are welcomed.  
It's easy to join and participate #UntamedStyle Link-up
  1. Follow Host (CidStyleFile) on your favorite social media channel, mine is Instagram!   I'll keep you posted and remind you of the monthly themes and dates to post.  Find Me Here Facebook - Instagram - Twitter - Snapchat.
  2. Share is caring!  Share on Social Media you are linking up to #UntamedStyle, invite your other blogger boos to join too! 
  3. Be Social!  Visit and interact with other bloggers who link up! You will find and meet plenty of new (to you) bloggers and they will get to know you too! Hello isn't it all about empowering and encouraging each other! No Haters, Shaders or Drama Here!!! 
  4. You may be featured!  I will select my favorite 5 blogs who link up, to feature the following month. Be creative, have fun and just be YOU!! 

Here is our handy dandy #UntamedStyle badge, use if you like or don't we won't be mad!
If you do use it, (you're the best) just make sure you link it back to CidStyleFile.com Ok! Thanks!  

Monthly Themes for 2016

  • June 2006 - Show us your summer style!  Anything goes, what you do you wear when the heat is on and you still want to be looking cute! Show us your favorite hair style and makeup looks for the summer. 

  • July 2016 - Vacation Style, what do you wear when you go on vacay? What are you travel essential, are you en excellent packer or just have rad travel style? Are you a travel diva and know all the best spots and deals for summer travel? We want to see it all. 

  • August 2016 - Bloggers Delight!  Show us who you are, what you are about. What's your secret talent or passion. Show off you blogger rock star status!  Pretty much anything goes this month! 

  • September 2016 - Be Inspired! Who inspires your style? Show where and how you get inspiration for your outfits. Do you like to get style ideas from fave celebs, magazines or other bloggers? Are you inspired by other women in your life?  

  • October 2016 - Which generation of fashion is you favorite? Fashion is cyclical, styles come back after a few generations. Do you prefer the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s or NOW!  Show us a look inspired by a generation of fashion. 

  • November - Coming Soon 

  • December - Coming Soon 

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