Monday, May 30, 2011

Shopping Makes Me Tired!

The long holiday weekend is over, hope you all had a great time.  Most people spent their Memorial weekend either relaxing, BBQing, at the beach or by pool.  Me, I went shopping.  What else did you expect me to do. LOL ;)  Surprisingly the malls & stores were not crowded like I expected.  It was nice to stroll around the mall browsing my favorite shops.  I did manage to do a wee little bit of shopping, but nothing major. If you notice in the pictures I am wearing 2 different shoes.  I started off with some wedge sandals and by the end I am wearing some flip flops.  I walked around South Coast Plaza so much my feet were hurting and bought some flip flops at the Gap. I needed some anyway, so changed into them as soon as I walked out of the store.  Shopping can be a  workout and makes me tired. :P

Just wanted to do a quick post to say HI and remind you all about my Trends & Friends submissions.  Last week was National Swimsuit Confidence Week and want to continue with doing as F&T of swimsuit trends.  If you want to participate please email your pictures of you wearing your swimsuit by 6/10/11. 

~Indian Wing Top & Lace Up Wide Leg Jeans: c/o City Chic ~ Clutch: Gloss (local boutique) ~ Wedge Sandals: H&M ~ Flip Flops: Gap (got tired & feet were hurting lol) ~

This outfit consisted of all City Chic, I recently was able to preview a few pieces courtesy of City Chic.  This was my first time trying their clothing and I am in love! I love the styles they offer, I love the quality and the fit is great.  City Chic now has a US website with free shipping & free returns.  They just had a 50% off the entire website sale, I couldn't resist and bought a few more things.  Have any of you lovely readers bought from City Chic? Let me know what you think about  and what your loving from their website.

I am looking forward to see your swimsuit pictures.  Don't forget to submit by June 10th!! 

Friday, May 27, 2011

Fun In The Sun

Memorial Weekend is here and you know that means the unofficial start of summer.  WOOHOO!  Many of you will be spending your weekend pool side or on the beach.  I am sure by now everyone has their cute & stylish swimsuits.  I do, have you checked out my post?  Along with swimwear you need the other essentials, like a beach tote & hat to protect you from the sun. After many sun burns I have learned to wear a hat and protect my face. Wearing a cute stylish swimsuit you also need that fashionable beach tote to compliment your look.  Below are some options I found for totes and hats, to complete your beach/pool look. 

Do you have your summer beach look complete?  My last post featured me wearing my swimsuit for National Swimsuit Confidence Week.  I want to challenge my readers to show off their complete beach/pool side looks as well.  Post your swimsuit photos on my Facebook page or email me: (info at veronicacid dot com) with your pictures to be featured for my next installment of Trends & FriendsLets show the world curvy girls look hot in their swimsuits!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

National Swimsuit Confidence Week

Did you know this is National Swimsuit Confidence Week, with summer at our heels its the perfect time go out and buy the right swimsuit. Everyone can and should be proud and confident to wear a swimsuit, not matter what size you are. Its all about finding the right suit that not only fits your body well but will show off your personality.  Land's End and about 100 bloggers have joined to participate in National Swimsuit Confidence Week and sharing our swimsuit pictures. During the week of May 23 — 27, 2011 on Twitter Land's End will be having Tweet Chats and giving away prizes. Follow @LandsEndPR and hash tag #landsend all week long from 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. CDST to win.  Each day Lands’ End will give away 10 Lands’ End Swimsuits, 10 Lands’ End Beach Towels and announce exclusive swimsuit promotions!

Land's End Tweet Chat Schedule 
5/23  Swimsuit Coverage     (@LandsEndPR, @5minutesformom)
5/24  Swimsuit Trends for Real Women   (@LandsEndPR, @MomSpark) 
5/25  Swim Slenderizers   (@LandsEndPR, @CurvyGirlGuide)
5/26  Bring Your Confidence to the Beach  (@LandsEndPR, @bookieboo)
5/27  Ultimate Swimsuit  Confidence Celebration (@LandsEndPR, @MomTalkRadio)

Enjoying some sun pool side in Las Vegas, Swimsuit c/o Land's End All Over Control Grecian Swimdress


Do you have swimsuit confidence, come join me on Land's End Facebook page and show us your picture in your swimsuit.  Come to CSF Facebook as well and upload your pictures wearing your swimsuit and I will show them off at the end of week here on the blog.


It's not about your size, it's about your confidence and attitude, so go out there and show off how good you look in your swimsuit!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bombshell Summer

Although you can't tell from the weather lately here in LA, summer is around the corner.   Victoria's Secret wants to make it a Bombshell Summer with their new summer collection.  Last week I attend a launch party in Hollywood  at the SkyBar at the Mondrian Hotel, for the new Victoria's Secret Bombshell Summer Collection.  We were treated to a day of pampering with manicures, hand massages and make-overs.  We also got to meet a Victoria's Secret Angel Miranda Kerr, she was very nice and lovely.  All the bloggers were introduced to the new summer scents collection along with the the bombshell summer swimwear and lingerie.  I really loved some of the new summer collection fragrances like the limited edition Victoria's Secret Bombshell Summer perfume and the Very Sexy Summer mist. The scents are light and clean, unlike some of their other scents which can be too flowery and strong.  If you are a fan of VS you should definitely go check them out.

Along with all the beauty and lingerie, I was also introduced to VS All Access, a new destination for behind the scenes and all things Victoria's Secret. If your a fan of VS then you need to check it out, you can see videos, features, news, events and interviews of all the VS Angels.  VS also has the "What is Sexy" awards and this years winners were introduced, want to know who the winners are?  Watch the video to find out, see if you agree with the sexy winners. 

* I was not paid for this post, but was gifted some Victoria's Secret items.  This is my own personal opinion of the event and products, for best results you should always try it out yourself.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Shopping Day

What is it about shopping that always makes me happy.  Is it the shiny windows & nice displays, all the lovely clothes and shoes or may it the smell of new things in the store.  Who knows, whatever it is I love it. Slowing I have been getting my shopping groove back.  This weekend I headed out to the mall to redeem some birthday gift cards.  I was feeling good and looking cute, according to me of course.  I strolled around the mall hitting all my favorite shops.  For some reason on this day I was getting really good service.  I often complain on how customer service has gone down the drain. Having worked retail for many years in my early 20's, good customer service is important to me.  Everyone I dealt with was nice, and very helpful.  I loved it!  Driving home I kept thinking how impressed I was with the service today.  What was it about the day that made it better, was it me? Was it the sales people?  I thought about it all day long, finally it came to me.  IT WAS ME! I went shopping feeling good and confident, walking around with a smile.  The sales  people could see it and responded to my attitude.  How many times have you seen someone with the most sour look on their face. How does that make you feel? Sour?  What about when you see someone confident and smiling, how does that make you feel? Makes you smile in return, doesn't it?  I am not saying just cause you smile and feel good about your self you will always get great customer service. But I think it does make a difference on how people will treat you.  Try it next time you go out shopping, even to the grocery store.  Go dressed up a little bit, put on some lipstick and smile. Notice if you get better service or not.  How many times have you gone out in your sweats, messy hair, no make up and a frown. What kind of service are you getting? Next shopping trip I am going to do my own scientific experiment and see if there is a difference in service.  I know some of you are thinking this is BS, you should get great service no matter what you wear or look like. I totally agree, but sadly that's  not always going to happen. So instead of going shopping and getting upset over getting crappy customer service, I will do my part to make it better.

My new shopping mantra is going to be: Cute Outfit + Smile = Happy Shopping!  :)

~ Sequin T-Shirt: DKNY via Lane Bryant ~ Wide leg jeans: Lane Bryant ~ Polka Dot Cardigan: Old Navy ~ Sandals: Harajuku Lovers ~ 

Have you ever had a really great customer service day? Can you recall how you were feeling on that day?  I bet you were shopping with a smile.  

Happy Shopping!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Butter, Not Just For Toast!

I love getting manicures, always makes me feel so girly and fresh.  Yesterday I attended a Victoria Secret Beauty event for their summer collections at the Mondrian Hotel in Hollywood (post coming soon)  Part of the day was beauty treatments, as soon as I saw the manicure station I rushed over.  My poor nails were a wreck and needed some TLC.  They had a lovely display of nail polishes from Essie  and this new brand, which caught my attention.  butter London polishes are new to me, I loved the name and the cute bottles they come in.  I asked the manicurist about the polish and she told my they are a newer brand from London and mainly found at higher end salons and spas. Well that explains why I never heard of it! LOL   Since I was receiving a free mani, decided  to try out butter London polish.  I didn't get the name of the color, but its the loveliest shade of raspberry/purplish.  As soon I arrived at home, did some goggling of Butter London, they are a fairly new company established in 2005.   They carry a full line of nail lacquers in cutting edge, high fashion colors as well as nail treatments, lotions, and  The Pedicure Collection.  The price is a little higher than most polishes at $14 each and $35 - $46 for packs of lacquers.  Although they are a bit higher than I would like to pay for any nail polish, I think these are worth it.  Not only do they have great colors but are also non toxic, made without  Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP or Parabens.  They are available online from the direct site, in select salons in the US and on some online beauty stores like  They also just released a special color to honor Kate Middleton and the royal wedding.  A limited edition shade called "No More Waity Katie" how appropriate.  A grayish shade with lilac glitter, oh how elegant!

Have you ever tried butter London polish? If so what is your favorite shade?

Orgullosa de Me Belleza

What woman doesn't love to be pampered, right?  I had the pleasure to be part of the Orgullosa de mi belleza beauty event presented by P&G.   P&G invited different bloggers for the LA area to enjoy a day of beauty at the Sunset Tower Hotel in Hollywood . We all got treated to mini manicures, skin care consultations, make-up tips, massages and hair.  All this along with some great tips we learned from celebrity make-up artist Rebecca Restrepo.  I definitely picked her brain on make up tips and got some great info. 

Friday, May 6, 2011

Cuban Beat

Lent is over and I am once again able to shop YAY!   I did a little shopping over the weekend for my birthday.  Along with shopping I have been enjoying some yummy Cuban food from a local favorite spot called Porto's Bakery.  I ate at Porto's for my birthday & yesterday with the in-laws (their 1st time & they loved it). I really love Cuban food, from the ropa vieja, potato balls, meat pies and guava & cream cheese rolls it was all so delicioso!  I jokingly said I had so much Cuban goodies this week that I almost feel Cuban.  This outfit also felt a little Cuban inspired with fedora hat & vibrant color top.  Lately I have been loving hats & bought my self 2 hats  (including this one).  Although you rarely see me wear hats, lookout for more in my ootd's.   This outfit was composed of some new items I gifted my self for my bday; the hat, the top and the shoes.  I was tame and didn't splurge on my shopping. The few items purchased were satisfying enough, for now!  

I just need some Rum and Salsa music to complete my Cuban Beat! :)

~ Peasant top: Old Navy ~ BF Jeans: Lane Bryant ~ Fedora Hat: Marshalls ~ Sandals: Charles David ~ Sunglasses: Betsey Johnson ~

Thursday, May 5, 2011


(for best results watch video in 720p)

April 30, 2011 was LA River Day of Service in Los Angeles.  I was invited to participate and volunteer along with 15 other LA Latina Bloggers to clean up the LA River.  Pine-Sol sponsored the day and gave all the bloggers Flip video camera to capture the days activities.  Between the cleaning the river to meeting the LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Daphne Zuniga, Esai Morales and listening to LA band Ozomatli play from back stage, it was a long and wonderful day.  The day was a perfect sunny and beautiful LA day, everyone happily pitching in to keep our LA river clean.  I was glad to be a part of it and want to share my video with you.  Just a sample of the day we had and what a great cause this was. If your in the LA area you should definitely plan to come out and volunteer next year.  

Thank you to Latina Blogger Connect for inviting Cid Style File to participate.

LA Latina Bloggers cleaning the LA River (yes we really did clean!) LOL

All the bloggers posing with the LA Mayor, Daphne Zuniga & Esai Morales
Bloggers met & interviewed Ozomatli

* Photos provided by Pine-Sol

** No compensation was received for this post, but I was provided with a Flip camera and t-shirt from Pine-Sol for volunteering my time.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Naturally Me

I'm back!! Thank you to everyone for the kind words. I had to go out of the country for a few days due the death of my grandmother.  Its taken a day or two to recover from the trip, but I am feeling better now. This weekend was also my birthday.  Not much celebrating happened, but I did have a nice day with my boo. We kept it simple and low key, had a nice lunch at our fave spot and did a little shopping (my ban is over!)  I have so much catching up to do on blogging and just life in general.  I hope to get back to normal by the end of the week.  Thank you to everyone for sticking with me through these times.  I have a quick OOTD from my birthday lunch.  I don't ever do fancy outfits for my bday, just like to be cute and comfy.  Lately I have been loving neutral earth tone colors so this outfit reflects that color palette. 

~ Tiered Sun Dress: Old Navy ~ Khaki Short Sleeve Blazer: Lane Bryant ~ Brown Wedge T-Strap Sandals: Sears ~ Navy Satchel Bag: Mulberry for Target ~ Jewelry: Bangles from H&M & Earrings from F21~

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