Saturday, April 23, 2011

Received some very sad news this morning, we lost our grandmother. She was the last grandparent alive and my family is very sadden by the news. She was ill and had been suffering in the last few years, now she is resting and joined my grandfather in heaven.  I will be away and out of the country for several days, no blogging and probably no internet access for a few days.  Please excuse my absence as my family and I deal with our loss.

My grandma loved flowers and roses were her favorite, these pictures of roses I took are dedicated to her. 

"Te quiero abuelita Trini y te vamos estranar mucho"

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Birthday Outfit #2: Going Shopping

10 days and counting until my birthday! I am actually counting down the days until I can shop again.  I gave up shopping for Lent and will officially be able to shop on April 24th (Easter Sunday) Since my Bday is a few days later, I decided what better way to celebrate than go on a shopping spree. WOOHOO! I'm a very casual laid back person so this outfit is something I would wear to go shopping.  Always want to look cute of course, but still comfortable for the hours of shopping I plan to do...LOL  This is a wish list outfit so I incorporated some colorful accessories like the belt and bag. I normally don't wear bright colors but with just a hint of color its doable in my wardrobe. Lately I have also been digging hats, and need one asap! I posted a picture on my Tumblr of a hat I found and loved. Because of my shopping ban I didn't purchase it, hope its still there when I go back!

So what do you think, can you see me in this outfit? Feel free to buy me any of the above for my birthday! Just Kidding, they are all on my shopping list already! :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fashionable & Earth Friendly

April 22 is Earth Day, for many years we have learned that our Earth is in danger and everyday we are causing harm to the environment. We all need to do our part to help out and Earth Day is a global day of awareness and action.  As kids in school we all learn the 3 R's (Reduce, Reuse & Recycle), but when it comes to fashion do these rules also apply? YES they do, there are many ways you can incorporate the Do's of being environmentally conscious and still be stylish.  Many new brands have surfaced in last decade bringing us "green" fashion and/or producing items with a conscious.  Other company's have developed campaigns to give back to organization helping the environment.  There are many was we can all help and do our part to preserve and save our planet. You can do something small like recycling or bigger things  like using public transportation. Every little thing helps, here are just a few ways we can all help out and be fashionably green!

mother earth, earth day, eco-friendly, go green

Use a reusable shopping bag when you shop, they are not just for grocery shopping. Stores like Macy's, Target, Marshall, TJ Max and many others offer reusable shopping bags. 

2. Buy clothing and shoes made from recycled materials. H&M has a new Conscious Collection made of sustainable & recycled fabrics. Its really cute too!

3. Support brands and company's giving back to help the environment. Like Naya shoes has teamed up with Nordstrom to celebrate Earth Day by planting 5,000 trees in support of Plant-It 2020, a US non-profit organization founded by John Denver. The companies will plant a tree for every pair of Naya shoes purchased at Nordstrom from April 15, 2011 - May 3, 2011.

4. Swap clothing, many fashionistas have been swapping clothes instead of buying new clothes. Not only will you save money, but can get a new wardrobe almost for free. You can organize your own local clothing swap with friends and family or find one in your area. Check out websites The Swapaholics and for more info.

eco-fashion, earth day, green fashion, save the earth

5. If wearing some one else's clothing give you the heebeejeebees, consider buying from local designers and shops. Shopping local for goods, helps reduce the carbon foot print

6. Buy and use eco-friendly beauty products made of organic natural ingredients (like these) or better yet make your own at home beauty treatments using seasonal produce (i.e facials, scrubs and mask) 

7. Turn off the TV, computer and put away that smart-phone, grab your favorite fashion magazine and read. Yeah sounds shocking but many people don't take time to really read magazines. We all loved to read our fave mags cover to cover every month, lets save a little energy and turn off our electronics. When your done reading, recycle your magazines! 

8. Make pretty new things with your old and broken jewelry. We all have old necklaces, earrings or bracelets that are broken or missing pieces that we don't wear any more. Instead of throwing them out, why don't you re-purpose our jewelry and make new things. Need help and ideas go here

green fashion, eco fashion, earth day, style, fashion

These are just a few ideas to get you started on your path to a eco-green-conscious fashionable lifestyle. If you have other ideas please share, I love to hear what your doing to help preserve our planet. 
eco-fashion, earth friendly, green, earth day,

*Photo source: Earth Day & Eco-Friendly Fashion on Google Images.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Birthday Outfit #1

Do Birthday wishes really come true?

My birthday is coming up in about 2 and a half weeks....YAY! Since I gave up shopping for Lent I haven't been able to do any shopping for birthday outfits. Thank goodness for the internet and web shopping, well virtual shopping.  I created a few looks I would like for my birthday. I don't have definite plans of where I am going or doing for my bday.  This outfit I would like to wear if I go out for lunch and a movie with the boo. I love the wide leg jeans and the top looks so comfy and flowy.  I kept the accessories simple with just some dangle earrings and a few bangle bracelets.  Added pop of spring color with the teal/turquoise clutch. I am in desperate need a nice clutch (hint, hint) ;)

I won't be able to shop until April 24, but feel free to shop for me and send over any of the above items (sizes upon request) LOL

By the way I now have a twitter account just for my blog. Follow me @cidstylefile

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Not Your Momma's Crocs

Does your momma wear Crocs, hmm mine doesn't. But hey some people love those funny looking shoes, I hear they are super comfy. Yeah they may be really comfortable, but do they have to be so fugly! Well that's just my opinion, if you like them I'm not judging.  Last month when attending a LA Fashion Week party I was introduced to a new generation of Crocs.  YOU by Crocs is a new line from the the company known for their plastic boat shoes. The new line YOU by Crocs takes your idea of the funny looking shoes and turns it completely around.  I recently was given a pair of  YOU by Crocs at the Kurvee Shopping Event, and love them! I posted a picture on my YOU by Crocs shoes on my FB page (click for pic) and all my friends were shocked to find out they were from Crocs.  Some even thought I was joking and couldn't believe it! LOL  The new line (new to me, maybe a couple years old) combines the comfort of traditional Crocs, with fashionable and stylish designs.  Everyone at Kurvee was shocked to find out Crocs made cute shoes, and they were a big hit.  Here are a few of my favorites from the website.

Emmilou $49.99
Tricita $99.00
Mimilita $99.99
Paigey $99.00
Krem $89.99

So what do you think, are you convinced? Will wear a pair of Crocs?  If you are thinking about buying a pair use this code: thankyou2 and get 20% off (valid until 12/31/11)

*I was not paid for this post or asked by Crocs to do this post. I was given a pair of shoes, but not for review and I am doing this post on my own to share with my readers. :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mocha Mix

I am loving the California weather these past few days, the sun is beaming and the air is crisp.  Ah perfect spring weather for perfect spring outfits, right?  Last week that long over due mani/pedi finally came to be, so you know I had to show off the toes.  I wore another Kmart Fashion outfit from Love Your Style Love Your Size (LYS), this time it was a tunic/dress.  Its a Mandarin collar v-neck dress with rolled tab sleeves and double draw string waist.  I got it in a lovely mocha/taupe color, which by the way I am kind loving lately.  Since I have fair/light skin the really light nudes kinda wash me out, so the deeper mocha/taupe colors look better on me. To show off my pedi I wore some new Dolce Vita gold studded sandals that I am also loving.  Gold tones are slowing creeping into my wardrobe, after years of banning anything with gold. Take a look at how I styled the LYS dress and read my review below. I was at the mall and took advantage of the cute Easter display to take my pictures. I was very close to taking pictures with the Easter Bunny, but "someone" thought it was cheesy.  Hey what can I say sometimes I like being cheesy! ;)

~LYS Dress: c/o Kmart ~ Dolce Vita Sandals: Ross ~ Denim/Patent Mulberry for Target Bag: Target ~ Bangles: H&M ~ Gold Hoops: Belina ~ Gold Tone Casio Watch: Target~

Here is what I thought about the LYS dress; loved the color and satiny fabric. The length was a bit long, the descriptions says its a tunic, but it fit me more like a dress. Even when I tied & cinched the waist it was still a bit longer than I would have liked. On the model it looks like a tunic and hits her around the hip area, models are obviously taller than I am. I liked the light weight feel of the fabric which makes it great for warm So Cal days, but its a bit sheer and had to wear a slip.  Would have loved if it either was lined or came with its own slip.  Luckily I had one that worked out. You may not be able to tell, but it has pockets by the waist area, which is great! They came sewn closed so I have to figure out if I can undo the seam and actually get my hands in there. I really love dresses with pockets. One thing I was not loving was the double draw string at the waist.  It has 2 thin strings to cinch at the waist making it a bit weird if you don't pull them both the same amount.  Also having 2 strings to tie got all tangled up and had a heck of a time undoing them. Preferably just one draw sting would be fine for a dress like this.  Overall  I liked the tunic/dress and felt good wearing it. I got many compliments.  As I mentioned in my previous review of LYS (here) I am very happy Kmart decided to create a modern, on trend and budget friendly plus size line.  Being a new line, I think there is room to grow and improve on design, the quality is great for the price.  I look forward to seeing what LYS has to offer for the up coming seasons and will definitely be buying more pieces to add to my wardrobe. 

*This post was my honest and personal opinion of the product, for best results you should always try it out yourself. I was not paid for this post, but was given clothing samples to review, courtesy of Kmart & LYS.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Hispanicize Fashionistas

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the Hispanicize 2nd Annual PR & Social Media Conference in Hollywood.  It was a mix of PR agencies, Brands, Social Media experts and bloggers all under one roof (Renaissance Hollywood Hotel).  It was a great 3 days meeting new Latina/o bloggers and PR agencies wanting to work with us Latino bloggers.  The vibe was great, everyone was so friendly and welcoming, excited to discover new bloggers from across the US.  The focus was how we all use social media to connect with each other, whether is be via Twitter, Facebook, or Blogs.  The growing audience of blogger and readers is hungry for more. PR agencies and brands are listening wanting to collaborate with bloggers for promotion of products and adverting.  Each side heard what expectations and needs each had, the bloggers gave their input on the time and effort it takes to create each post. The PR agencies had many questions on how to reach and connect with bloggers to make their clients happy with campaigns involving social media.  The over all consensus was building a relationship between the bloggers, PR agencies and brands for better communication and results when working with each other. I can go on for days about all the wonderful information I learned as well the amazing people I met. But enough about that, this is a fashion blog after all.  So with that in mind I have to tell you I met some very beautiful, inspiring, intelligent and creative woman at this conference. Many very fashionable and stylish, each bringing their own unique look to the conference. I was able to convince a few of them to let me take their pictures and show you all the fashions of the conference. 

I like to the call them Las Fashionistas de Hispanicize (The Fashionistas of Hispanicize) OK first of all let me tell you the conference was held over 3 days, so can you imagine over the course all the wonderful outfits I saw. This is just a very small sample of the few woman I took pictures of. I really wish I was able to photograph them all during the entire conference. Imagine the amazing photos and post I could have done. Hmm now my brain is working overtime to figure out how to make this happen for next year. Hello Canon or Nikon are you listening I need an awesome camera and equipment to make it happen!  OK enough blabbing, here is what I know you all love to see, PICTURES! 

Las Fashionistas de Hispanicize
(From L to R) Sandrini Blogger, Elaine PR, Flor de Maria Blogger

(From L-R) Romina PR, Eva Smith Blogger, Monique Blogger
Mercedes Blogger, Delfina Blogger , ME Blogger
(From L-R) Vanessa PR, Lissette PR, Aurelia Blogger, Jeanette Blogger

*All pictures taken by me, please do not use any pictures of the lovely ladies with out my permission.

Busy Bee

The past week has been a crazy busy week for me, but I am not complaining about being busy.  Actually I am not complaining about anything, the last couple days have been great and have so much to share.  The only thing lacking was my blogging, but I promise you there will be lots of update post this week.  Lets start with an outfit today.  If you follow my blog or me on twitter, you know last month I talked about the new Kmart Fashion plus size line called Love Your Style Love Your Size (LYS).  I made a video to show everyone the new designs and how they looked on different plus size body shapes, with the help of some friends of course. In case you missed the LYS video you can take a look here (link).  Well after the wonderful feed back I received about the video and the LYS clothes, I got a email from head designer of plus size fashion for Kmart, Nicole Magnani. She loved the video and was very happy we like the clothes.  I was also sent some samples to review.  Last week during the Hispanicize conference I wore a few pieces.  Day one of conference I wore the relax fit satin pants from LYS.  Below is my outfit and review of the product.

LYS Satin Pants c/o Kmart Fashion ~ Chiffon top from Avenue ~ Dolce Vita Sandals via Ross 

LYS Relaxed Fit Satin Pants from Kmart are very nice, they were very comfortable to wear. They have a zipper front closure and pockets in front and back of pants. Draw string waist as well as cuff ties at the bottom.  When you tie the pants at bottom it almost gives you the effect of a harem pant.  The color is a mocha/taupe color and they also come in black. The sizing is a bit off with this style or could be due to the fabric being used. I had to go up a size as there is no stretch or give to it. When you wear anything with satin if its a bit snug or tight it does not look good, IMO. So I went up a size to give a nice loose and flowy look. Also one other thing was the ties at the bottom of pants were too slick and would untie often, perhaps making them out of another type of material such as cotton would hold better. Pants are also a bit long, so if you are on the shorter side you will have to tie and bubble them up a bit.  Over all I really liked these pants, a side from the 2 small issues of size and untying they were good. Kmart is on the right track with the LYS line, giving us plus size woman another option in budget friendly stylish fashion. As with many new plus size lines they will learn what the customer likes and dislikes, hope they listen and continue to improve.  I have few more pieces to review and will posting them through out the week.

*This post was my honest and personal opinion of the product, for best results you should always try it out yourself. I was not paid for this post, but was given clothing samples to review, courtesy of Kmart & LYS.

Friday, April 8, 2011

The Shape Of Things To Come

Have you heard of a new shopping site that will be launching soon, called Clique to Know. I am so excited to be able to shop soon and finally have a site where I know I can find clothes that will fit me! Woohoo!   

Clique To Know is a new members-only site dedicated to all you curvaceous women out there. Love fashion? Need a designer fix? Adore securing a bargain? Then Clique To Know will be your one-stop shop for fabulous luxury fashion at discounted prices from US size 10 and upwards.

Launching later this spring, Clique To Know will hold flash sales from your favorite designer brands. Sign up now and not only will you receive a $20 e-gift card to spend at Clique To Know but also, at the launch, you will be able to participate in the first ever Clique To Know sale – a chance to buy at an exclusive preview, before anyone else.

Over the next few weeks, we are putting the final touches to the site and continuing to line up top designer brands and will keep members updated on all exciting developments through our Clique To Know newsletter. Another good reason to sign up!

Go sign up now before they launch and be the first to get notified and get your $20 credit. You can also follow on twitter @CLIQUETOKNOW and facebook (here)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Updates & Happenings

Just wanted to give you some updates and happenings with Cid Style File.  In case you haven't been able to tell I am working with Kurvee.  Not only am I excited about this shopping event because its catering to plus size fashion but also I have the pleasure to help with the planning process.  I am new to this type of event planning so not only am I learning but have chance to give my input and vision.  Its really going to be a fabulous event and if you live in or near LA you should come!

Another thing happening is I won from Click Latina Blog a conference pass to Hispanicize Social Media & PR Conference in LA this week. I will be there from April 6-8, 2011. Although this conference is not fashion based, I do feel it will be beneficial to lean more about social media and PR in relations to blogging and reaching the Latino community. Definitely will learn a lot and share with you the news and my daily outfits, of course. :)

Also wanted to share with you a new website I am working on called Plus Size Exchange (PSE) at  PSE is a plus size online community for fashion.  We are still working on the site to improve it and make it great. The overall purpose to bring the plus size fashion community together and share videos, outfits, news, events and virtual clothing swaps.  I would love if you took a look and gave me some feed back, on what you would like to see.  This is a site that is meant for everyone to use and participate in, upload your pictures and videos to share.  More news coming soon on PSE, for now go check it out and leave me your comments! 

Thank you for everyone who reads, comments and supports this blog. I am truly grateful and thankful to everyone. :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

JAFRA’s Accelerate Your Success

Have you ever heard of JAFRA? I remember as a kid my aunt selling JAFRA and for my 15th birthday she gave me a full set of skin care. I was so not interested in beauty care at that time and gave it to my mom. LOL I guess she knew it was never too early to start taking care of your skin. JAFRA has been around for 50 years and they have a new program to introduce.

JAFRA’s Accelerate Your Success is an 18-month program that transforms lives by helping participants set and achieve personal goals, foster teamwork and leadership skills, and compensates participants for their achievements with the ultimate prize – ownership of a Mercedes Benz!

Successful participants in JAFRA’s Accelerate Your Success program not only earn their Mercedes Benz outright – tax, title and keys – but they increase their income and earn fabulous rewards along the path of building their businesses.

In today’s tough times, it’s pretty hard to find a career that allows all women the flexibility to work from home, sell quality products they love and the chance to earn a Mercedes Benz. Recently a mom and participant of the JAFRA 'Accelerate Your Success' program, Denise Portillo shares her story of triumph and gets a surprise of a lifetime - a brand new Mercedes Benz, featured on the TV show The Talk.


WOW Did you see that Mercedes Benz, want to learn How To Participate in JAFRA's Accelerate Your Success Program and earn your own car Mercedes Benz? 

1) You must sign up to be a JAFRA Consultant to participate in the Accelerate Your Success Program.
2) To find a JAFRA Consultant nearest you, go to  Once you click on "Find a Consultant" simply fill out a brief form to get started.  You will be contacted by a JAFRA Consultant who will tell you what you need to get moving! 

Join me for a JAFRA Twitter party to learn more and win prizes from JAFRA.
Tuesday April 5, 2011 on
6:00 -7:00 PM (pacific std time)
Follow me on Twitter @LBCShopper and @JAFRAUSA
Use the following hash tags #AccelerateYourSuccess and #JAFRA

*This is a sponsored post by JAFRA USA

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Add A Little Color

Crazy weather again a few days ago it was in the 80's warm and sunny.  This weekend took a turn, cloudy gloomy and temp dropped about 20 degrees.  Makes it difficult to know how to dress. Being on a shopping ban, as well makes you dig in your closet and get creative.  I scrambled through my wardrobe and found some pieces that were forgotten or not worn in a vary long time. Found a bright colorful top I forgot about and added some sparkle with a sequin cardigan to brighten up the mood.  Watch the video for all the outfit details.  FYI I finally learned to edit my own videos, let me know what you think!

Please subscribe to my youtube channel and leave me your comments!
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