Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Neutrogena Beautiful Inside and Out

Awhile back, I had the opportunity to preview and review some skincare products from Neutorgena. You can read my post here.  Now thanks to Neutorgena and LBC I am able to review some of their makeup products as well.  I have known and used Neutrogena on and off since high school.  Their skincare products are wonderful and always give me great results.  For some strange reason which I can’t explain, I have never tried or used their cosmetics.  I finally did and have some good news to report, they are pretty wonderful as well.  I received a beauty package for spring courtesy of Neutorgena.
My beauty package included the following products:

Pink Grapefruit line

MoistureSmooth ColorStick

The beauty package also came with a beauty and skincare regime by Elizabeth Ulloa Neutorgena Hispanic Beauty Ambassador.  I always do better when makeup comes with pictures and detailed instructions.  I followed the step by step regime to get the best results. 

When it came to the cosmetics part, I was most excited.  This was my first time using Neutorgena makeup.    I will give you a quick run down of what I used.

1) Started with Neutrogena Shine Control Primer,  which I am not accustomed to using primer.  I loved it as it helped smooth out my skin and really did keep me shine free for hours. 
2) Followed by Shine Control Make up in Buff.  The color matched my skin perfectly and covered my red spots & blemishes.  Only thing I noticed was once I rubbed it in my skin it felt a little grainy.  Not sure why, but I didn't have sponges to apply the foundation.  End result was good and I was happy with coverage. 
3) Finished with Shine Control Powder which is invisible and can be used by many skin colors.  This help set the foundation and made my face look matte and no shine was visible. 
4) For eyes I used the new Crease Proof Eyeshadow in Constant Copper. Shade was light and shimmery, easy to apply and really didn't crease.  Love it! I really do have an issue with eye shadows creasing and fading on my eyelids.  This eyeshadow lived it up to the claims. 
5) Applied Healthy Lengths Mascara, which claims to make lashes look 100% longer.  Well having short lashes not sure how much 100% longer really is for me.  I did like the applicator wand on this mascara.  It came out of tube with just enough on applicator so I didn't have to wipe off lots of excess, which is a big pet peeve of mine with mascara. 
6) Finished off the whole look with MoistureSmooth Color Stick in Juicy Peach.  First thing you notice when you open the stick is the scent. OMG it really smelled like peach, yum!  The color is sheer and moisturizing to your lips.  The color is light but has shine and makes  your lips look luscious.  ;)

Using the step by step guide provided by Neutrogena

Verdict from my first time using Neutorgena makeup is a big thumbs up.  I was impressed with the results and products are easy to use.  It took me no more than 10 mins to complete all the steps.  With more use I am sure it can be cut down to 5-6 mins.  The outcome was a fresh natural look, great for spring and summer.  I don't like to wear heavy makeup and with the hotter months ahead, this routine will be a life saver.  

My favorites are the Shine Control Primer, which I plan to use everyday. The primer really helped keep my face shine free and the make up didn't seem to rub off as easily.  The Healthy Lengths Mascara, which for me was mess free and had no clumps.  As well as the yummy smelling MositureSmooth Color Sticks, made my lips feel soft and gave just the right amount of shine.  
The results, natural, fresh and light coverage.  My face loves Neutrogena ;)

Do you use Neutrogena products? Which are your favorites from the skincare and/or cosmetic line.  Follow Neutrogena on Facebook for all the latest in products and announcements.

*Disclosure: This post is in collaboration with Latina Bloggers Connect and Neutorgena.  I was paid and received products for review.  However this is my honest and personal opinion of the products.  For best results you should always try out products for yourself.


  1. Those are great colors on you! I really like how easy they are to use and so versatile. Almost like a one size fits all.

  2. I'm half/half on Neutrogena. Some products I love, and some I could do without :) Glad you found some loves! Thank you for linking up with the Anything + Everything blog hop! I hope you will come back next week!!

    xo Tori

  3. I love the way the products make your skin look. Very natural glow.

  4. You're so prettiful! I Neutrogena but only the skincare. I love the grapefruit wipes! Hmm I think I've done a lip balm from them once. I may have to look into this! Your skin looks so darn healthy!

  5. yes girl! Neutrogena loves your face! I love it for you. I've been using their prods since middle school. The hair stuff mostly. Now I use most of their skincare line. No makeup though. Am curious about how good it is. If I achieve that natural glow, then I'm all in. Thanks for sharing.

  6. The products look very natural and fresh on you. I didn't know they had all these other product. Would love to try them!

  7. I really loved the Shine Control powder xx

  8. You look beautiful - love how Neutrogena products enhance natural beauty!


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