Friday, August 30, 2013

Tips To Embrace Your Belleza Latina & Fight #ALLERGYFACE

  This post is part of a sponsored campaign on behalf of Latina Bloggers Connect and the makers of ZYRTEC®.

Summer may almost be over, but those awful allergies are not. The dreaded #ALLERGYFACE is something most of us deal with, since according to ZYRTEC recent survey, about 50% of woman suffers from allergies. If you suffer from allergies like I do, then you know of the many beauty challenges. Puffy face, watery eyes and red nose are the typical allergy symptoms. ALLERGY FACE can keep you from enjoying life, like a party or a date because of those allergy related beauty challenges.
Having suffered from allergies since I was a teen, those beauty challenges can be annoying. I do recall not being able to go out because of puffy face, watery eyes and red nose. When I was younger and being too self-conscious of how I looked, it kept me withdrawn from life when my allergies flared up. Now as I’ve gotten older, I have found ways to help alleviate ALLERGY FACE. Embracing my natural belleza Latina and not covering up with tons of makeup. Although we think more makeup can do the trick, it can actually make your allergies worse.
ZYRTEC has partnered with Latina blogger and beauty expert Carmen Ordoňez from to help woman combat ALLERGY FACE. In the video below Carmen shares some simple beauty tips to help you look naturally bella when dealing with the dreaded ALLERGY FACE.
Here are three tips I have learned to deal with ALLERGY FACE.
1. Use a primer under your makeup. Using a primer can give your skin a smoother appearance, filling fine lines and pores on your face. Avoding using less foundation can help when you have a puffy face and give you a more natural look to enhance your natural belleza. 

2. Use a bronzer to give definition to your face. When you use a bronzer, focus on your contours of your face to chisel the face and take away the appearance of puffiness. One with a little shimmer can help wake up your face a give a glow to make you look more alert.

3. Use a green corrector for red spots. Using a green concealer helps cancel the red undertones on your face. Using it on your nose, cheeks or anywhere else you have red spots.

Having allergies and dealing with ALLERGY FACE is no fun no matter what age you are or what season it maybe.  Embracing your natural bellaza and a few little beauty tricks can help you overcome those days when you’re not feeling or looking your best due to allergies.
What beauty tricks you have in your makeup bag to embrace your natural belleza and combat ALLERGY FACE?  Please share them in the comments, its always good to have more than just a one or two tricks!!

For more tips from Carmen you can view her 3 part vidoe series with ZYRTEC on YouTube here.


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