Monday, April 29, 2013

Get Minted & Help Me Select New Biz Cards

Being a blogger you meet many people at events, conferences and just being social.  So whats the worse thing that could happen when your meeting new people...running out of business cards!!  OK so I have to admit this hasn't happened to me yet, but I am out of biz cards.  I had just enough biz cards to hand out at the last conference I attended.  So I am now in desperate need of new business cards.  Thank goodness for Minted, they came into my life just at the perfect time.  Minted is a global community of independent graphic designers, where they can sell their best designs voted by you the buyer.  How cool is this concept, a graphic designer submits their design and we can vote on which one we like best.  Minted then will sell it to you!  Currently they are working with designers from 43 countries.  Now you can have a business card with a special and unique design.  Nothing worse than handing out your biz card and seeing tons of other people with the same design.  When this happens, it makes your card seem generic.  I am certainly not generic and want my biz card to stand out. 

So now to the fun part selecting a design for your business card.  Minted has so many fun, unique and beautiful designs, it really is difficult to choose one.  So dear readers this is where you come in, to help me chose a new business card.  Here are a few designs I loved from Minted.

Option 1: Simple and to the point

Option 2: Fun & Bold Colors

Option 3: Fun and Just for entertainment

Option 4: Bold colors and no one will forget your name

Option 5: A little subtle, but still fun.

Option 6: Well Hello There! Nuf said

Option 7: Simple, Bold and Chic with my fave color.

So these are my faves, now help me choose a business card. Which option do you like best.  What card do you think fits best for my blog?  I will choose the card that has the most votes.   Leave me a comment with the card you want me to have, chose option 1-7.   I am leaving it in your hands, so pick a good one for me!! 

*Disclosure: This post is in collaboration with So Cal Lady Bloggers and I will receive complimentary business cards from Minted for this post.  However this is my honest and personal opinion of the product.  For best results you should always try out products for yourself.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Trendy Thursday: Bright Color Sandals under $60

Haven't done a Trendy Thursday post in a few weeks.  Just been busy, but want to keep this going and bring you more great trends every week.  Well now that the weather has warmed up and suns is shining, its time to reveal those toes.  Make sure you a get a pedi, before you go out in your sandals. No one needs to see crusty toes and cracked heels...LOL   OK I'm only joking, but really I'm not.  One trend that is hot for spring is lots of bright colors.  I see it in clothes, shoes, handbags and even in jewelry.  Although I am a lover of fashion and try to dress stylish, some trends I just can't get into.  I've never been a wear bright colors kinda gal, even as a kid I resisted.  Not sure why I don't wear bright colors, just don't feel comfortable in brights.  I am not oppose to wearing a little bit of bright colors, just can't do a whole dress or other clothing.   So whats this all about you ask, OK I am getting there.  One way I have found to add color to my look and still maintain my comfort level is with shoes.  Since its spring time is perfect to add that pop of color in a sandal. You will be on trend and comfortable. Lately I've seen the cutest colorful sandals and can't wait to wear them.  Imagine a cute neutral color dress with a pop of bright sandals.  Yeah I can handle that and rock it out.  Can you?   If you love color, especially brights then go on with your bad colorful self.   If not then just add some color in your footwear.  I think its more eye catching to see a colorful shoe than a whole outfit.  I have received more attention from a shoe than an entire outfit.  Must be a woman thing, we love shoes.  

Here are few sandals I have seen lately while shopping.  All very cute and very affordable (under $60).  You all know I love fashion, but love it even more when I get a good deal.  So just had to buy a couple for my self.  Hey couldn't resit a good fashion bargain.  

Masiero Teal Blue sandals from TJ Maxx $59.99.  Highest of group but they are leather and totally cute with the cut out shapes.
Both these pair are from Ross.  Yellow sandals have cute studs all over and were only $12.99.  Orange patent are from Nine West and only $25.99. 
If your not ready to fully commit to bright sandals, try these neutral color with bright accents.  Report sandals $12.99 at Ross.
Another pair of neutral color sandals with pop of brightness.  These are so cute for the beach or going on vacation. Only $12.99 from Chinese Laundry also found at Ross.

Looking for something a little less casual, try these wedge sandals with bright pink accent. Only $24.99 by SBICCA and would look great with a maxi dress or jeans. Also found at Ross.
This is the pair I got for my self.  I loved the color, so bright but totally cute.  Only $19.99 from Old Navy, but had a coupon and combined with other things were way less. Already have a outfit in mind for these, OOTD coming soon.
Finally another pair I picked up, while taking my niece shopping. She loves this store called Foreign Exchange, turns out they have cute shoes.  Only paid $16 for these and love the yellow and tan color combo.
Now you know, if your afraid to wear really bright colors like me.  You can just add a touch or pop of color in a sandal or shoe.  Now go on and find a pair of  your own bright color sandals.  I want to see what you score!  Let me hear your thoughts, comments or feedback.  
Is this a trend you are loving or skipping this spring?

Sunday, April 21, 2013

I broke the fashion rules & wore a maxi dress

Maxi dresses are really one of those fashion items that most women either love or hate.  I was on the fence when they became popular a few years ago.  I liked the look of maxi dresses on other ladies.  For me, I wasn't sure it would work because I am plus size.  So glad I'm not one to listen to those fashion rules, which say some one my size should not wear maxi dresses.  Once I tried on a maxi dress I knew it was love.  I love the comfort, the ease of wearing a maxi and the over all look.  I encourage all women to try on a maxi dress and see for your self.  Not every trend or style will work on everyone, but you never know until you try. I have to admit there are some trends that just didn't work for me.  Don’t dismiss a trend or style until you try it on and find out if it works for you body shape.  How many times have you seen a dress or other clothes that you love and once you try it on end up hating it?  The hanger is not a good indicator of how it will look on you.  The reverse has happened to me.  I see on a hanger and don’t like.  But a few times I have try it on “just for fun” and I end up loving in on my body.  When it comes to fashion there are no more rules you need to follow.  Wear what you love and makes you feel good, regardless of what so called “fashion experts” tell you.  Blogging has definitely opened my eyes to fashion and being more open to wearing things I once would have never considered.  What works for one person may not work for another.  So my best advice for you is, try on everything that catches your eye. You may be pleasantly surprised with the results. 

 Have you entered the Mary Kay Giveaway.  Enter Here Until 4/28/13.
old navy maxi dress
~ Maxi Dress: Old Navy ~ Denim Vest: American Rag via Macy's ~ Sandals: Betsey Johnson ~ 
~Bag: H&M ~ Jewelry: Earrings & Necklace c/o Julie Vos (LuckyFABB)~

Are you wearing maxi dresses?  Is there a trend you love that the "rules" say you shouldn't wear?  I love reading your comments, thoughts and feedback, let me hear it!!  

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Naturally Sensual with Mary Kay (Giveaway)

I am sure by now most you have heard or tried Mary Kay products.  My sister use to be a Mary Kay consultant, so I am familiar with the products and company.   What you may not know is Mary Kay is revving things up on the web.  Mary Kay has long been a favorite of Latinas and now they are the official sponsor for Univision new web base Novela "Arranque de Pasion, La Historia de Ela"
Novela Storyline - Starring and directed by Mexican actress, Kate del Castillo, this Spanish language novela will portray Ela (Kate Del Castillo) as a talented NASCAR race driver who has been playing second fiddle to her long-time boyfriend, Jordi (Christian Meier), who races on the same team. During their relationship, Jordi, a machista, has made it very clear that it’s Ela’s job to cover him, so that he can take all the glory and win all the races for himself. The dynamics change as Ela comes into her own and her friendship with Jordi’s brother, Checo (Carlos Ponce) blossoms. Riddled with love triangles and plot twists, Ela struggles through the challenges of ambition, career, loyalty and love. Will Ela be at the finish line alone or will true love be her reward?
I started watching the web novela today and I am already hooked.  I love that its online and with short episodes you can catch up quickly. A new 5 minute webisode is released on Monday, Wednesday and Friday until May 3, 2013.  Mary Kay sent me some products to recreate Marite's look.  Marite has natural beauty but her personality is strong and seductive. This look captures the fusion of freshness and sensuality. Luminous skin, impactful eyes and moisturized lips are key to this color look. 

Here is what I received to create the look.

Mary Kay® Eyeliner in Deep Brown - $12  
Mary Kay® Brow Definer Pencil in Soft Black - $10
Mary Kay® Lash Love™ Mascara in I ©Black - $15
Mary Kay® Mineral Cheek Color in Shy Blush - $10
Mary Kay® True Dimensions™ Lipstick in Color me Coral - $18
Mary Kay® Makeup Finishing Spray by Skindinävia® $18
Mary Kay® Brush Collection - $55
Special-Edition Beauty That Counts® Mary Kay® Compact Mini (unfilled) - $16

Here is a video from Mary Kay and MUA Mariela Bagnato, giving you tips to recreate Marite's look.  (video is in Spanish)

To purchase these or any other products, contact your Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant or connect with one on

So what do you think? Do you like my look using Mary Kay products.  Would like to try this look for your self?
Well if you do, I have some good news.  Mary Kay is going to give one lucky Cid Style File reader the products I used to create Marite's look.   Enter below for a chance to win all the products I used.   

*Disclosure: This post is in collaboration with Latina Bloggers Connect and Mary Kay.  I was compensated and received products for review.  However this is my honest and personal opinion of the products.  For best results you should always try out products for yourself.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

My 2013 Lucky FABB Experience

OK So finally, here is my post about Lucky FABB Conference.  If you don't know about Lucky FABB, its a conference held by Lucky Magazine for Fashion and Beauty Bloggers.  I attended last year and was fortunate to be invited to attend this year as well.  It was 2 days full of speakers, panels, brands, and celebs.  While at the conference we were introduce to Glossi, a website where you can create your own digital magazine.  What better way to show you about my experience during Lucky FABB than with a Glossi.  This was my first time using Glossi and hope you enjoy it!

Hope you liked it, please leave me your comments and feedback. I hope to make more Glossi to share.  :)

Friday, April 12, 2013

Sponsored: Six Trends and How to Care for them

    From the Editors of Fabric Care Solutions

  *Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Studio One. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Aveeno Active Naturals: Improving Your Health & Beauty

We are well into spring time by now, right! Flowers blooming, birds chirping and sandals being worn by all.   Spring is a wonderful time of year.  Living in Southern California, we have great spring days, but it also has a few down falls. The Santa Ana winds,  which are high warm and dry winds we get in early spring time.  Those darn winds cause havoc on not only my allergies, but also my skin.  I tend to have dry skin and the warm wind doesn't help any.  Combine that with the fact I burn easily if I'm out in the sun for more than 45 minutes, and you can see why my skin needs good coverage.  Well this is the part where Aveeno Active Naturals comes to the rescue.  I was sent some products for review from Aveeno in collaboration with Latina Blogger Connect.  I have used a few Aveeno products before like the face moisturizer and cleanser, but most excited for the body moisturizers.  I have to admit to something, having dry skin drives me nuts.  It really bugs me to have dry skin and have used so many different types of lotions.  Some work really well, but cost to much.  While other are full of perfume scents and seem to dry out my skin even more.  Its a constant battle to find the right moisturizer for my skin.  Oh did I mention I burn (not tan) easily, having SPF coverage is also important.   Although I hate having to wear sunscreen and lotion everyday.  Not gonna lie I get lazy and usually don't wear sunscreen....bad bad!  I know, I know no lecture needed.  So when I received the Aveeno Active Naturals package, it was a delight to see the daily moisturizing lotion with sunscreen.   Seriously made me squeal...LOL   

OK so here is the low down.  Aveeno Daily Moisturizing  Lotion with sunscreen is like the bomb.  I really, really love having to wear only one product with dual purpose.   Remember I said, I'm lazy and wouldn't wear 2 different products.  Who has time to slather on sunscreen,  and then lotion.  Not does annoy me and don't do it.  OK I know what your thinking, wow this chick doesn't care about her skin.  Nope I do, just get lazy...LOL

OK well now I found the solution to not only my laziness, but my dry skin during the spring and beyond.   I shower in the morning with Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Wash, then follow up with the Daily Moisturizing  Lotion with SPF 15.  I am set for the day, with out having to re-apply lotion.   Did I mention it smells good too.  As I have gotten older, strong scented lotions give me a headache.  Yeah so weird, but I just cant stand the scents of floral, or perfumed lotions anymore.  Aveeno Active Naturals has a light scent, which is fresh and kinda yummy smelling. Well it makes sense since they have plenty of natural ingredients that are great for your skin.   

Lets not forget about the face, Aveeno has plenty of great stuff for your face.   Aveeno has a tinted moisturizer with SPF 30 for those lazy days (here I go again) when you don't want or have time for makeup.  Again dual purpose, you moisturizer, you have UVA/UVB coverage and add some color to your face all with one product. Voila!  Out you go to enjoy a beautiful spring day.   

So have I gotten your attention about Aveeno Active Naturals?  Well if I do then join me for a Aveeno Active Naturals Bilingual Twitter Party.  You can learn more about Aveeno products and win some awesome prizes too!  These Twitter parties are fun and very informative.  So join me and all my Latina Blogger buddies on April 22, at 6:00pm PST.   Use the hash tag #AveenoActiveNaturals and follow the host Hosts:
  • @chicanol 
  • @ClubdelasDiosas
  • @MamaHolistica 
  • @mejoramihogar 
  • @mom2miahaudry 
  • @NaturalmentMama

Prizes will include: 3 Winners: Total prize value of $150 each (Aveeno products valued at $100 and a $50 gift card) You can RSVP on Facebook here (link).  Thanks for reading!! 

 *Disclosure: This post is in collaboration with Latina Bloggers Connect and Aveeno.  I was paid and received products for review.  However this is my honest and personal opinion of the products.  For best results you should always try out products for yourself.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

1960's Mad Men Collection by Estee Lauder

Are you fan of Mad Men on AMC?  I am, and excited for the new season primer tonight.  The fashion is what originally attracted me to the show, but the juicy drama kept me watching.  Now the make-up looks are whats getting me excited.  Last year Estee Lauder introduced a new collection in collaboration with Mad Men.  You can read last years post here.   This year Estee Lauder has another Mad Men Collection inspired by the late 1960’s beauty look of the show. I received samples for review form Estee Lauder and they are so beautiful.  The packing alone made me smile and giddy. In the press release Estee Lauder references their own vintage collections as inspiration.
The vintage collection channels its own 1960’s heritage with an original Estée Lauder paisley design inspired by a fusion of the art and fashion movements of the late 1960’s. The unique print features vibrant turquoise and retro yellow with the classic Estée Lauder gold, navy blue and white, a direct replica from the Estée Lauder Archives.
Here is what the collection consist of:  

    • Estée Lauder Mad Men® Collection See Thru Blush in Light Show brings a flush of shimmering pink to the cheeks with one sweep over the cheekbones. Retail price $50.
    •  Estée Lauder Mad Men® Collection Rich, Rich Lipstick in Pinkadelic features a signature Estée Lauder formula that caresses lips in a nostalgic pink to bring a modern twist to the late 1960’s. Retail price $30.
    •  Estée Lauder Mad Men® Collection Nail Lacquer in Pink Paisley uses the signature Estée Lauder formula to introduce a new shade that brings glistening pink finish to finger tips. Retail price $24.
This year Estee Lauder added nail polish to the collection, which reminds me of something my grand mother had on her vanity.   I am loving the look of the Mad Men Collection, the retro vibe is so on trend with fashion.  This collection is so beautiful, which makes me not want to open the packages and try the make-up.   Don't worry I will be using it and give you my review later in the month.  For now just wanted to share and introduce you to this collection, which is in stores now.  I am especially excited to try the nail polish, which is so pretty, feminine and dainty.  Totally opposite of the emerald green polish I am wearing now...LOL   Tonight during the show I will looking closely to see if any of the characters are wearing these colors.  Collection will be available for a limited time at Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, Lord & Taylor and Esté

I will be doing another post,  with my actual review of products.  For now lets enjoy the beautiful look of the collection and the season premier tonight.

Have you tried the Mad Men Estee Lauder collection?  If you have, please share with me what you think about it.  I love reading your comments and feedback to my post.  Thanks for reading! :)

*Disclosure: This is my honest and personal opinion of the product, for best results you should always try it out yourself.  I was not paid for this post, but was given preview samples to review, courtesy of Estee Lauder.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

TRESemme: Keeping Your Hair Smooth & Shiny

I once heard a lady say "your hair is your crown" to another lady when she complimented her beautiful hair.   For most woman I believe this is true, we are always obsessed with our hair.  I have a hate/love relationship with my hair,  growing up a curly wasn't always easy or fun.  Now that I am older my hair is just hair.  I can't say I love it, but have accepted this is what God gave me.  I don't fuss much with my hair, no color, no flat iron, nor blow-dryer is used on my hair.  There are those days when I just want straight shiny hair and hate my curls.   Well thanks to some tips and tricks I have learned from professionals, those "I hate"  my hair days are very few and far between.  

About two weeks ago I attended an event for TRESemme hair care with their Latino spoke person, celebrity hair stylist Marco Pena.  We were given a demonstration of the New TRESemme Keratin Smooth product line.  The line is specially made for heat styling, such as blow-drying and using a flat iron.  A few lucky girls got their hair done by Marco, and had super shiny and straight results.  He used all Keratin Smooth products all the girls were amazed with the results.  So many oohs & ahhs were heard in the room...LOL  Marco ran out of time, so he wasn't able to straightened my hair, but he did do a really pretty and lovely braided hair do.  He also gave me some good tips for my curls, but most of all he said "just have fun with your hair".   Since then I have been playing around with different hair styles, braiding my hair and just loving my hair.  After all my hair is my crown!!!

Here are some pictures from the event, which was held at The Roosevelt Hotel, in Hollywood. In addition to hair services we also received touch ups by MUA Sonia Castaneda.  

Interested in reading more about this event? Check out some of my bloggers buddies recaps.

Have you used any of the TRESemme Keratin Smooth products?  What are your thoughts about itLet me hear it, love reading what you have to say.  Thanks for reading! :)

*Disclosure: I was invited by TRESemme to event and was gifted product to review.  This is my honest and personal opinion of the products.  For best results you should always try out products for yourself.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

So Lucky for more FABB

OK so the time has come for Lucky FABB conference.  Tomorrow I am headed to SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills for the conference.  This year the Lucky FABB will be held during 2 days...Last year one day was not enough for all the fabulousness.  I will be tweeting live and sharing all the great info from the speakers like, Kelly Osbourne, Drew Barrymore and along with many brand reps.  So follow me on twitter for updates @CidStyleFile  and on Instagram for pictures.  I will do full post in the following days, will prob need a day to recover.  Thanks for reading!

Neutrogena Beautiful Inside and Out

Awhile back, I had the opportunity to preview and review some skincare products from Neutorgena. You can read my post here.  Now thanks to Neutorgena and LBC I am able to review some of their makeup products as well.  I have known and used Neutrogena on and off since high school.  Their skincare products are wonderful and always give me great results.  For some strange reason which I can’t explain, I have never tried or used their cosmetics.  I finally did and have some good news to report, they are pretty wonderful as well.  I received a beauty package for spring courtesy of Neutorgena.
My beauty package included the following products:

Pink Grapefruit line

MoistureSmooth ColorStick

The beauty package also came with a beauty and skincare regime by Elizabeth Ulloa Neutorgena Hispanic Beauty Ambassador.  I always do better when makeup comes with pictures and detailed instructions.  I followed the step by step regime to get the best results. 

When it came to the cosmetics part, I was most excited.  This was my first time using Neutorgena makeup.    I will give you a quick run down of what I used.

1) Started with Neutrogena Shine Control Primer,  which I am not accustomed to using primer.  I loved it as it helped smooth out my skin and really did keep me shine free for hours. 
2) Followed by Shine Control Make up in Buff.  The color matched my skin perfectly and covered my red spots & blemishes.  Only thing I noticed was once I rubbed it in my skin it felt a little grainy.  Not sure why, but I didn't have sponges to apply the foundation.  End result was good and I was happy with coverage. 
3) Finished with Shine Control Powder which is invisible and can be used by many skin colors.  This help set the foundation and made my face look matte and no shine was visible. 
4) For eyes I used the new Crease Proof Eyeshadow in Constant Copper. Shade was light and shimmery, easy to apply and really didn't crease.  Love it! I really do have an issue with eye shadows creasing and fading on my eyelids.  This eyeshadow lived it up to the claims. 
5) Applied Healthy Lengths Mascara, which claims to make lashes look 100% longer.  Well having short lashes not sure how much 100% longer really is for me.  I did like the applicator wand on this mascara.  It came out of tube with just enough on applicator so I didn't have to wipe off lots of excess, which is a big pet peeve of mine with mascara. 
6) Finished off the whole look with MoistureSmooth Color Stick in Juicy Peach.  First thing you notice when you open the stick is the scent. OMG it really smelled like peach, yum!  The color is sheer and moisturizing to your lips.  The color is light but has shine and makes  your lips look luscious.  ;)

Using the step by step guide provided by Neutrogena

Verdict from my first time using Neutorgena makeup is a big thumbs up.  I was impressed with the results and products are easy to use.  It took me no more than 10 mins to complete all the steps.  With more use I am sure it can be cut down to 5-6 mins.  The outcome was a fresh natural look, great for spring and summer.  I don't like to wear heavy makeup and with the hotter months ahead, this routine will be a life saver.  

My favorites are the Shine Control Primer, which I plan to use everyday. The primer really helped keep my face shine free and the make up didn't seem to rub off as easily.  The Healthy Lengths Mascara, which for me was mess free and had no clumps.  As well as the yummy smelling MositureSmooth Color Sticks, made my lips feel soft and gave just the right amount of shine.  
The results, natural, fresh and light coverage.  My face loves Neutrogena ;)

Do you use Neutrogena products? Which are your favorites from the skincare and/or cosmetic line.  Follow Neutrogena on Facebook for all the latest in products and announcements.

*Disclosure: This post is in collaboration with Latina Bloggers Connect and Neutorgena.  I was paid and received products for review.  However this is my honest and personal opinion of the products.  For best results you should always try out products for yourself.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Blogging Dead

Hope you all had a great weekend and good Easter Sunday.  My weekend was OK, didn't do much.  A little shopping, Easter dinner with the BF and of course The Walking Dead.  OMG if your a fan, I hope you saw the season finale.  Its basically my favorite show right now, so intense!!  Well if you haven't watched it yet, I won't spoil it...but lets just say next season is going to be major.  Sunday is a must see TV day for us, so we went out for an early dinner, to make sure we got home in time for TWD.  Being a Sunday, I usually get lazy and just dress super casual.  Since it was Easter I decided to dress up my casual look.  Whoa a maxi dress is like majorly dressed up for me...LOL   No but seriously this tank maxi is so comfy, I could wear it everyday.  You will probably see me wear this dress a lot for spring/summer.  I love stripes, so this was a perfect mix of style, trend and comfort.  All 3 things that are a must in my wardrobe.  Since the colors are a bit dark (so appropriate to watch walking dead), I added a pop of color with the purple belt and hot pink in my sandals.  If you know me and have been reading my blog you know I don't do bright colors. These tiny pops of colors are big for me.  I am getting better in adding more color to my outfits.  One day I may surprise you all and wear like neon...ha ha ha  Well until then, I will stick to my blacks and grays.  We all can't be Rainbow Bright!

close up
serious look
another standing look
~Striped Maxi: Cid Style Shop ~ Fishnet Knit Sweater: Lane Bryant ~ Sandals: Betsey Johnson ~
 ~Skinny Belt: Target via Goodwill ~ Bag: Coach~ Jewelry: from HM & F21~

If you haven't heard I have started a eBay shop called Cid Style Shop to sell plus size clothing. I am starting off slow and adding things weekly.  The Maxi tank dress I am wearing will be in my shop.  I have different colors along with other items, if you are interested please take a look here.  A link to shop can also be found on top of blog.  Thanks for looking!  :)

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