Thursday, April 21, 2011

Birthday Outfit #2: Going Shopping

10 days and counting until my birthday! I am actually counting down the days until I can shop again.  I gave up shopping for Lent and will officially be able to shop on April 24th (Easter Sunday) Since my Bday is a few days later, I decided what better way to celebrate than go on a shopping spree. WOOHOO! I'm a very casual laid back person so this outfit is something I would wear to go shopping.  Always want to look cute of course, but still comfortable for the hours of shopping I plan to do...LOL  This is a wish list outfit so I incorporated some colorful accessories like the belt and bag. I normally don't wear bright colors but with just a hint of color its doable in my wardrobe. Lately I have also been digging hats, and need one asap! I posted a picture on my Tumblr of a hat I found and loved. Because of my shopping ban I didn't purchase it, hope its still there when I go back!

So what do you think, can you see me in this outfit? Feel free to buy me any of the above for my birthday! Just Kidding, they are all on my shopping list already! :)


  1. Good thing you're joking, because I was going to buy you something from there. LOL

  2. Love the skirt PS if you see something in my shop you like I will give you 25% off for your birthday

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