Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Meet & Greet: Betsey Johnson at Magic 2012

As if you haven't heard enough about meeting my fave designer of all time...Betsey Johnson.  Here's a video of that awesome day.  Betsey was so cute and fun, she hugged all her fans with a huge.  I was able to chat a bit with her while she freshened up her makeup right before our picture.  I made sure to make those extra seconds count.  Take a look at the video, and please subscribe to my YouTube channel, rate and comment.  Enjoy!

Official photo from Magic 2012...Me with Betsey! :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Project Las Vegas: Shepard Fairey for Incase


Project is another trade show I attended in Las Vegas. Project is the contemporary fashion trade show. Here you will see new & old brands, mostly the kinds you see in malls, more popular, affordable brands and labels.  Project is a good mix of clothing, shoes, and accessories for both men and woman.  You may or may not know this about me, but along with loving fashion.  I also love technology and gadgets.  I am self proclaimed tech-geek!  So when I came across the Incase booth, it made me happy.  Incase is a popular brand of quality tech accessories for your laptops, iPhone, iPads and bags to carry it all.   Incase is known for doing collabs with artist, such as Shepard Fairey, street artist from the brand OBEY.  He became more famous and better known for his Obama portrait.

Incase has a new collab with Shepard Fairey collection, which is available now online.  I was able to get a up close look at the new collection.  My tech-geek self was quite excited and now have some new accessories to acquire.  My ipad is need a of an outfit and needs a new case.  Check out my video as I browse and take a closer look of the Incase goods.

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

MAGIC LAS VEGAS: Footwear News Platform

SHOES, SHOES, SHOES!!!  That about sums up this post.  Last week I attended Magic Trade Show in Las Vegas.  Its basically a fashion trade show where vendors display their items for buyers to see.  This year more bloggers were invited as press to cover all the great things going on.  My first day was a bit overwhelming and did not know what to expect.  The entire MAGIC show is divided up into several shows and is huge.  Its so huge, in fact that it was held in 2 separate locations, the Las Vegas Convention Center and The Mandalay Bay Convention Center.

Day one was spent mostly at the Footwear News Platform, which was all about Shoes!  If you love shoes then this place was probably as close to Shoe Heaven as you can get.  Well at lest I would imagine looking very similar to this.  Almost every shoe brand imaginable, from high end to everyday brands were represented. Most had the fall 2012 styles for display and other also had some spring 2012 collections available.  I was in total awe, and just wanted to try on as many shoes as possible. Sadly most vendors didn't allow you to try on shoes or take pictures for that matter.   Some vendors were not blogger friendly, but others were and cool about talking to us and letting us take pictures. 

Here is a little taste of what FN Platform had to offer, you could spend one entire day just looking at shoes.  Not that I am oppose to that idea...I do LOVE shoes!

*View of floor when you first walk in, it was "Magical"

*Sample of what a booth looked like, some vendors had bigger spots than others.
*A few of the vendors who allowed me to take pictures (N.Y.L.A, 80%20, Nude, Irregular Choice, Pour La Victorie)

*Boots were every where, all styles and colors, since this was the Fall 2012 show.

I have so much more to share with you about Magic.  Won't overload you with long boring post, will try and give just the highlights.  Enjoy!

*All pictures taken by Cid Style File and property of the blog.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Rumor Has It HM(plus) in USA

In case you haven't heard....H&M has launched a new plus size line called H&M+, (sz14-24) is was renamed previously known BIB (big is beautiful).  Sadly this line is only sold in Europe and on-line, which in not available to US customers.....why?  Any who as my title suggest "rumor has it" some US stores will and do have the H&M+ line.  This morning Marie Denee (The Curvy Fashionista) wrote on Facebook, she found 2 local So Cal stores which had the plus line.  I obviously was excited...so I personally called one of the H&M locations in Ontario Mills and have confirmed they have H&M+, in fact girl said they had it for 2 weeks. Its not to clear from the website which stores in the US will carry H&M+, you can call your local surrounding stores and ask.  I for one am excited and will be heading out this weekend to check out the new H&M+.  

Here are some of the pieces from the website that I am hoping to find in store.

You can view the entire collection on-line here (link). Not sure what pieces will be available in stores.  I am hoping they all will be and in all the size range (14-24).  Wish me luck!  If any one gets there hands on any of the H&M+ line please let me know. Would love to know what you think of the style and quality.   Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Jason Wu for Target Video

Yet another Target collab came and went...well guess its still going.  Sunday February 5th, I set my alarm at 6am to make sure I got to my local Target by 8am to get my Wu on....Jason Wu that is.  I wasn't able to go to the opening of the Missoni for Target since for some odd reason Target decided to launch it on a Tuesday.  Well thank goodness Target came to their senses and went back to Sunday launches.  Any who, my local Target did have a line but if you were there when store opened you most likely got what you wanted.  I am take what you see kinda shopper then decide what you will actually keep and buy.  Check out the video of my Jason Wu for Target shopping experience. 

I ended up buying a couple of the tees, scarfs and bags, since that's all that fit me.  But I do like the style and quality of the Jason Wu for Target collection.  Quality and pricing does seem to be better than some previous collabs.  Some people will argue that it feels cheap, but yeah its Target you pay cheaper prices so you will get cheaper fabric.  Don't get it how some people will complain about the quality but would never pay the price for "real" quality designers.  Oh well either way I am happy with this collection.  Hope you enjoyed the video. Please subscribe to my YouTube (link) channel and comment and rate my video.

What did you get from Jason Wu for Target?

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Heart Valentines

When it comes to Valentines Day I can be as romantic and cheesy as most woman, but when it comes to fashion don't give me any girly stuff. Even as a little girl, I didn't like wearing pink frilly clothes.  So don't except my V Day outfit to be head to toe pink/red or too frilly.  Some woman look totally adorable and hot in red dresses, its just not me.  My style has always been more on the darker color palette side. Either way you can totally look cute and express your love with out fluff!  Here are some of my picks for Valentines Day outfits.

Night On The Town
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